WWE '12 Universe Journal

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Now that I know that people on this forum actually play WWE '12, why not make a thread on it. WWE Universe journal. Post any and everything that happens in your universe. Post your WWE '12 shit.

    1. My top face is John Cena, he's unbeaten in the game.
    2. WWE Champion John Cena, won it from Ryback
    3. World Champion Goldberg, won it from Undertaker
    4. US champion Mark Henry won it from Cena
    5. IC Champion Eddie Guerrero won it from Cena
    6. MiTB winner Chris Benoit
    7. Tag Teams Champion DX, Won it from Ziggler and Swagger
    8. #1 Contender from Tag Titles: The Hardy Boyz
    9. HBK has recently turned face and hugged John Cena after he retained the WWE Championship
    10. Batista is on a losing streak.
    11. Brock Lesnar is on SD but hasn't competed in almost a year. :facepalm1:
    12. The Miz has been fired and is now a free agent.
  2. I played WWE '12 yesterday after spending quite some time not playing it, mainly on Saints Row: The Third. But I didn't even touch Universe mode, I don't even remember who my champs are. :haha:
  3. I usually just leave it on while I watch T.V. And just press play on the matches then see who won. It's an interesting concept for a WWE fanatic such as yourself. :obama:
  4. When I'm playing videogames I like to be a part of the action. Especially when I'm playing wrestling games, I want to play the matches and stuff, not just see winners and losers. When I want to book, I play TEW.
  5. UV Mode requires a certain amount of imagination. So you don't have to play to have fun. And I like to play too, but playing against AI in WWE 12 is boring.
  6. It is, but since I'm extremely rusty it's a little bit of a challenge.
  7. Do U have 260?
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