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  1. Has anyone heard anythin on arena creator this year?
  2. Yeah, apparently now you can edit the stage.
  3. thank god 4 that last year the stage was rubbish
  4. Yep, from the trons, to the arena size, and whether or not it's indoor or outdoors. The create an arena systems is freaking awesome. Also, here's a photo of either pre-set arenas or arenas you can make in the mode. The photo quality isn't the best but meh.

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  5. They look great. This is why I don't think people should bash THQ as they did last year, since it was a new feature and they obviously were going to improve it in the next few games... it was just the starting point. Just like WWE '12 with the new Predator Technology or whatever. There you have it, a mode which has been upgraded greatly (from what we've heard) and will be useful and entertaining.
  6. Exactly. I'm not really sure how anyone can bash THQ this year, between the vastly improved create-an-arena, the return of King Of The Ring, the return and also improved as hell I Quit, & Special Referee matches, Championship Editor mode, and other improvements we still haven't heard about (like Universe updates will be revealed next week I believe), this is looking to be the best wrestling games in years. I'm giving THQ big props for this years outing, but it's going to be hard to convince me to buy '14 after this though.
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  7. Yeah, the game looks great from what we've seen. They've given us lots of things we asked for for quite some time, and although I don't mind much about roster and game modes, improvements to gameplay (new sound system, for example), small tweaks and new match types have got me hyped. For me the main thing is gameplay and I think I'll be happy with it in WWE '13. Not really sure what they're going to do for '14 though, I think they're driving towards the ultimate wrestling game taking a few steps year by year (THQ's words), but one way or another I'm liking '13 until now. Let's hope there are no gameplay breaking bugs or anything when the game comes out.
  8. The best addition to the gameplay in my opinion is a toss up between catching finishers and being able to stand on the announce table again. The former for being completely awesome, the latter because it should've never been removed.
  9. At least when THQ ruins the Attitude Era, the creativity will save this game
  10. I'm also very happy that we can climb the announce table again.
  11. :yay: this game is getting better the more i hear about it. did they improve backstage?
  12. I've been keeping up with the updates to the game regularly, but the only thing I can recall hearing is that they'll be much less of them (might've been handicapped backstage brawls specifically) in WWE '13's story mode. It's possible I forgot or they just haven't announced it.

    With all the other additions I kind of doubt it. I wouldn't be too bothered if that's the case, I'd rather have I Quit matches and Special Referee matches back.

    Oh, and another thing to get excited for, being able to choose how much finishers you start off the match with. Including the option to have infinite finishers.
  13. Pretty cool :true: preordered this game and I'm getting more and more impressed when I hear more about this game, I hope it all lives up to it's hype. Hope to challenge you all one day to an online match too :boss1:
  14. Wwe 13 will live beyond the hype i have seen the arena creator and it is way better than 12

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  15. Provided THQ fixed their terrible servers
  16. Anyone got anything on Universe mode? Only thing I really care for in the game.
  17. I'm actually looking forward to its release now, I don't know why. Guess I'll just buy it for the sake of buying it. And making Triple H own every title. :boss1:
  18. They haven't revealed anything about it yet.

    I liked HCTP's backstage brawls. :gusta:
  19. Universe information is suppose to come out next week last I heard.
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