WWE 13 Cm Punk's entrance.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. :yes:
  2. I love that he says "It's Clobbering Time!!!". I love Fantastic Four and The Thing! :emoji_grin:
  3. :obama: pretty nice I like it.
  4. It's pretty epic and right on for his face entrance. Is it just me or whenever WWE Games start making entrances of a superstar that superstar is already going through a heel/face change or vice versa?
  5. Yeah... or they have different ring attire or something. It always seems out of date XD I wish they would let us edit the superstars ring attire more than they do because of that.
  6. Yeah they should. It should be like CAW editing but just leave out the bad designs.
  7. I'm totally a comic nerd :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Why does that make you sad? XD
  9. lol not as much as Punk tho. Punk is a huge comic nerd!
  10. very nice :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:
  11. Love it. :emoji_slight_smile: I think I'm going to pre-order through Gamestop so I can get his ice cream bar shirt, too, though.


    One more reason I like him so much! :win:
  12. Fuck the pre-order, the game is not worth it's full money. No matter how good it gets. I'm getting it after the first month or 2.
  13. Sadly around here it seems to take several months before games are reduced in price. :emoji_slight_frown: So I'm still considering a pre-order. But of course, in my case, it would be a birthday gift to myself (October 29), so not as bad I suppose.
  14. By two months it should be at least 50 or 45 and that's what I'll settle for. Besides I have to see the reviews of when people have the game to actually see if it's worth it.
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  15. Definitely don't blame you there. :emoji_slight_smile: I'm hoping this year's game will be worth it.
  16. And if you really want to pre-order, then do it at Gamestop. When you preorder, put down a set amount of money, a good amount would be 20 dollars or less. Then when you go buy your game on the release day, buy it with the rest of the money needed to get it. Just in case they run out of copies of the game or they make a mistake with your pre-order.
  17. This, exactly. When I originally posted I put Amazon, but I meant Gamestop and changed it after I caught my mistake. lol The couple of times I've pre-ordered games, I've done it at Gamestop. I prefer doing it that way so I don't have to pay the lump sum at one time. I usually pay $20 upfront then the balance when I go pick it up. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Yep ^


    But the main point is, why spend the extra 20-15 dollars before? After two and a half months, the game will be 40 bucks. By that time, the glitches of online will be improved surely by then and nothing noobish will be a part of the game.
  19. But, but, but.... I want the special ice cream bar shirt. :upset:

    lol, no, seriously, I'm still debating. :emoji_slight_smile: I'm one of those older folks who tries not to buy "toys" for myself TOO terribly often, especially not pricey ones. So when I found out the game was being released close to my birthday, I figured it'd make a good gift to myself. Whereas if I wait a couple months, I won't have a "reason" to buy it and therefore would feel guilty spending that much money on a game for no reason. lol So that's been my thought process for considering a pre-order. :emoji_wink: I'm waiting to see if they release any really awesome pre-order items that would make it worthwhile. If not, I still may wait and just buy it later on after the price has decreased. I hardly ever buy a game full price because I just don't see the point.
  20. Yeah as much as I hate pre-order, man that shirt is so sick! I want to relive the NOC 2011 PPV of Punk VS HHH.
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