WWE '13 DLC revealed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by GrammarNazi82, Oct 4, 2012.

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  2. decided im buying for ps3 specifically so i can get team too hot. Scotty 2 hotty FTW son! Is this game even out?
  3. I think on the 11th.
  4. Noobs.... It comes out Oct. 30.

    Day after my birthday. :smug:

    Getting it for the PS3. :win:
  5. No Tyson kidd or a-ry
    still not getting it
  6. LOL! Cause we crave to play as jobbers.:dawg:
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  7. :mog: The classic ECW championships you say?
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  8. Flapjack/Cutter combo? Dudley death drop :mog: Y2J's lionsault? :win:
  9. Since a Championship Editor was confirm & I already knew who the superstars were, I was most looking forward to reading the new moves. A lot of great ones in there, pumped to see the Brock Lock in there, the Superkick/Pedigree combo & various others. I'm not exactly thrilled with the concept of waiting until January to get some of these things those, like Chris Jericho's Lionsault shouldn't be DLC but should already be in his moveset. Well, I guess I should just be glad he's getting a new one.
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  10. Some of these are awesome.
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  11. This might be the only time I get the Fan Axxess pack because THQ decided to be gay and leave all the good people out. How the hell can they leave out Sandow from the non-dlc :bury:
  12. Very nice DLC, I'd pay for it. I don't have money for it, but I'd buy it.
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