WWE '13 Features You'd Like To See

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Personally I think '12 is a massive let down. I play the game for an hour and run out of things to do, yet I could play HTCP or SVR '07 and occupy myself for as long as I wanted.

    Here's a few of mine-

    -Reintdroduce Story mode and GM mode
    -Get back hardcore and special referee matches

    -For GM Mode here's an idea of mine, whether it would be too big to handle for the disk I don't know, but I think it'd be awesome.

    Start off managing a smaller company, like FCW or a made up one. Then if you begin to get good ratings then you get to move up to NXT, then superstars, then RAW/Smackdown. Instead of just 1 season you can have loads of seasons, and it just keeps going on as long as you want. Eventually having to draft in younger superstars and making them your new stars.

    What's everybody elses thoughts?
  2. I didn't find it to be a bad game. I just like going through road to wrestlemania.

    Personally they need to make online play better

  3. I really miss GM mode. I want that back.
  4. WWE 12 fucksucks.

    The RTWM needs to change, it shouldn't have SET characters. I'm surprised WWE done that, everyone prefers different people. I preferred it when there were X amount of story-lines which you can play with any star.
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