WWE 13 Mike Tyson, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, Eve, and Brodus Clay entrance/finisher

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Brodus Clay Entrance and finisher
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    Dolph Ziggler Entrance and Finisher
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    Eve Entrance and Finisher
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    Mark Henry Entrance and finisher
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    Mike Tyson entrance and finisher
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  2. RE: CM Punk Ranked No. 1 In 2012 “PWI 500? List

    This is the first time I am reading this
  3. I'm sure it is
  4. Stole my job. :finger:
  5. :boss1: Should have been here when it was up
  6. I like the Tyson DX entrance but how come Vickie Guerrero isn't in Dolphs?
  7. Because who wants to be escorted by a virtual cougar?
  8. Haha, I mean if you want the game to be more realistic, I'm sure you would include it considering Vickie always announces Ziggler to the crowd?
  9. Don't really know, maybe she's a manager character and she'll do that when you put her as a manager for Dolph Ziggler.
  10. Yeah, you could be right, I didn't think of it that way.
  11. I understand Dolph getting pops but Henry was also heavily cheered, weird. I think they said the entrances didn't have that "WWE Live" audio thing right?
  12. Could be a storyline thing, or maybe whoever was playing likes Mark Henry as a face so they changed him to face. If they do have WWE Live, then maybe Mark Henry is a face now :sad:
  13. This game just looks like a whole bunch of fail :((

    still no kane?
  14. No Kane.
  15. Mike Tyson's looks cool
  16. Looking forward to seeing Tyson's moveset. Purely punches probably. :haha:

    I wish we could select the diagonal strike, which is always the toe kick. :sad:
  17. If kanes doesnt come out in the next few days i will riot!!
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