WWE '13 New Features and First Screenshots Unveiled

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Big Hoss Rambler, May 30, 2012.

  1. Source: THQ, justpushstart
  2. > Gets excited for new AE setting just to have a decent story-line game.
    > Looks at screenshots
    > Dies

    Shit graphics. THQ need to die.
  3. lmao @ those cartoon ass looking graphics. What is this, playstation 2?

    I still can't believe I wound up buying WWE 12.

    fool me once..
  4. Graphics are definitely better then WWE 12 but not as good as the current generation allows. I have hopes though since THQ has stated that they have a multi year plan for the WWE series. Every year they will focus on one major thing to develop or evolve and their end goal is the ultimate wrestling game. Storyline, move fluidity and gameplay is the focus of 13. So graphics will most likely get a major overhaul in 14
  5. Fuck off with that Universe shit. Seriously after so many years of requests they still don't bring back GM mode, brawling around the arena or Special referee mode.

    Nothing like giving the fans what they want THQ.
  6. Had already seen the pics, but not some of the written parts. Interesting roster balance, and I like them admitting that they're working on it game by game.
  7. They should have concentrated on the graphics this time
  8. THQ said in a video they were pushing WWE to include the entire current roster, then to create a Legends of Wrestlemania-type game to focus on the Attitude Era. Was hoping for that, but apparently it was not to be.

    I still play SvR 2009 on the PS3, haven't seen any reason to upgrade. This doesn't seem much better.
  9. Ikr. I miss GM Mode. And yeah, graphics are better than wwe 12. I guess these cartoon graphics are more of a way to bring back the AE. Keep in mind, 10 years ago you didn't have HD TV.
  10. The ring can collapse, that's new
  11. I really hope you can change the AI setting in this. The wwe '12 AI was retarded.
  12. When is a WWE game going to let you fight in the crowd? All these years they added so many useless features, and still don't add cool ones like fighting in the crowd and beating up commentators. I miss season mode too
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