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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Not sure if it should be here of locker room so if locker room just move it apologies.


    Top marketing by Heyman imo.
  2. Good marketing, bad choice IMO.
  3. I aint thrilled with Tyson but it's a clever way to start marketing the game, plus with his induction into HOF no doubt many will actually be swayed towards the game this year for this reason.
  4. I'll buy it, but I'm not really too sure on the point in using Tyson to market the game.

    Do we know anything about game modes? are they the same as 12?
  5. The story mode takes place during the Attitude Era. They are marketing it heavily on that. A refined universe mode will also be featured.
  6. We need a good season mode! Like in the original!
  7. that guy in the back looks like Benoit
  8. I don't care about Tyson being in the game to be honest, but if it'll improve buys, good.
  9. My point of this thread as Tyson was inducted into HOF it's awesome marketing by Heyman and the WWE!

    God idea shame they aint always thinking out the box like this for RAW and SD
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