WWE 13 - Sheamful's entrance.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Urn Anderson, Aug 14, 2012.

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  2. The Sheamful name is a hideous pun guys, another piss poor entrance btw. This game looks pretty bad.
  3. What points makes it look bad?
  4. Just doesn't look that entertaining, the graphics don't look great, most character models look off, Sheamus has a decent one admittedly but it just looks like they've put a new set of trunks on last years. Also the commentary snippets sound pretty bad again.
  5. Yeah.. hoping they improve the commentary, but they won't. The entrances are accurate, the finisher animations could've been improved. but we'll see how the whole game looks, (Universe mode, matches, audio etc)
  6. Admittedly I am looking forward to some more serious gameplay vids just to see if it does anything spectacular, currently I'm unimpressed lol.
  7. After his first initial chest pound he looks like he's stumbling drunk. Yeesh... and the head twitching. If you can't do realistic movement flawlessly just don't try at all.
  8. Yeah, it's like they're basing his animation of Roddy Piper on Smackdown.
  9. So glad I got Sheamful trending around here.
  10. He is so fucking white, just like real life.
  11. Eh don't really see anything special. His entrance in general and in this game. His character design looks alright too, not that much of a step up from last year to me.
  12. Wow those pops are ridiculously unreal and fake sounding. How hard is it to have some realistic crowd cheers?
  13. His entrance down the ramp resembles Vince McMahon for crying out loud.
  14. He's not white enough :notsure:

    one thing that i dont like about the entrances is that the ring announcing sounds so unnatural.. why didn't they just let them speak like they do on the shows? It's much better.
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