WWE 13 Six Entrances

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  1. Including nation of domination mark henry. :win: and the finshers also.
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  2. That codebreaker made me :gusta:
  3. The commentary sounds poor still the graphics don't impress and it doesn't seem very fluid to me is this the finished game or is there still a touch up period?
  4. Hope kane is released soon!


    WAIT THAT NOT WHAT I MEANT! you know what i mean!
  5. I agree, he sucks doesn't he Vince.

  6. NO STFU! :((
  7. Commentary sucks again, no mention of twitter or any other kind of social media. How unrealistic.
  8. When is kane coming out?
  9. of the closet? I don't think there exists a closet big enough to hold something so fabulous as gay-Kane
  10. WAIT THAT NOT WHAT I MEANT! you know what i mean!
  11. :lol:
  12. Not keen on double characters (current/AE), but at least the crowd (during matches) seems to have been revamped. There's also JR on commentary on AE arenas, although it still sucks. Still seems like Cole/Lawler (didn't hear much about Ross) are just randomly reading the lines and dead during matches. I think the main focus on the game is the new audio system. Although those top rope finishers seem nice one way or another.
  13. Mark Henry's Nation of Domination entrance is the best :boss1: Gotta love that classic World's Strongest Man style.
  14. Kane's entrance will be best ever!
  15. No, Jericho's is the best atm. and btw guys, cory said on twitter, these are without wwe live. some things have yet to be added.
  16. when kane is released?
  18. Re: RE: WWE 13 Six Entrances

    Hopefully soon, he's a waste of a roster spot :pity:

  19. STFU you so mean :(( he good at putting people over!
  20. Re: RE: WWE 13 Six Entrances

    Jericho is better at that though :cry:
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