WWE 2001-2004!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Is it just me or did the WWE seem much more chaotic and there seemed a lot more wrestlers than there are now from 2001-2004. today things seemed too have gotten less hectic and there are not so many wrestlers.

    why is this?
  2. HELL YES! and 1996-2000 was EVEN MORE CHAOTIC THEN THOUGH YEARS! :austin:
  3. no i think when the wcw invaded wwe was when it was at its most chaotic
  4. HELL NO!
  5. You are correct James, do not let Mr. Savage fool you. It is a well known fact that not 2001-04... but 2001-05 was indeed the best time in the history of the universe of pro wrestling.
  6. Those years were good. Eric Bishcoff as the GM made it good.

    But, 1995 - 2000 were the best.
  7. 01-05 were definitely my favourite years too to be honest.
  8. 1997-2001 were the best years for me. My personal favorite year being 2000.
  9. I like to refer to this as the "Here Comes The Pain" era because of Brock Lesnar, he was the face of the company and basically changed the whole product on his entrance and his exit.
  10. I was being slightly sarcastic in my above post, but most of it was true for me as a fan.
  11. i miss Brock soooo much. Ive been watching some of his matches on Youtube. OMG i forgot how beast this guy was. Throwing people around like they were paper. He was all jacked up but was an athlete too.
  12. Loved playing Here comes the Pain game. The best WWE game.
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