WWE 2013- Bringing back the Brand Extension

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    This will be my own personal ideas of how WWE should run once the Brand Extension returns. The roster will be split in two, with RAW guys only allowed on RAW, and likewise for Smackdown. The only exception for this is the WWE Tag Team Champions and the WWE Divas Champion.

    The story will start on the 2nd September Monday Night RAW, the week after the rosters were sorted out and all the superstars are in their respective shows. The Draft also brought about the news that Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Chris Jericho have all signed to the WWE as full-time talents, meaning they will be weekly characters. I know this is unrealistic, especially in Brock's case, but hey, that's the point of fantasy booking right? The stories will kick straight off heading into Night of Champions on the 22nd September with a clean slate, meaning all new rivalries will be created on the first shows, and no rivalries will continue from before that. Also, I will not be doing any other shows apart from RAW and Smackdown as Main Event and Superstars would not have any story development, and NXT is used as a developmental system. There are some NXT Stars on the main roster, as you will see.

    The rosters are as follows:

    General Manager: Brad Maddox
    Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts
    Commentators: Michael Cole and JBL

    AJ Lee- Heel- Divas Champion
    Alex Riley- Face
    Big E Langston- Heel
    Big Show- Heel
    Bray Wyatt- Heel
    Brie Bella- Heel
    Brock Lesnar- Heel
    CM Punk- Face
    Curt Hawkins- Face
    Curtis Axel- Heel- WWE Intercontinental Champion
    Daniel Bryan- Face
    David Otunga- Heel
    Drew McIntyre- Heel
    Erick Rowan- Heel
    Ezekiel Jackson- Face
    Heath Slater- Heel
    Jey Uso- Face
    Jimmy Uso- Face
    Jinder Mahal- Heel
    John Cena- Face- WWE Champion
    JTG- Heel
    Kaitlyn- Face
    Kane- Face
    Layla- Face
    Leo Kruger- Heel
    Luke Harper- Heel
    Mason Ryan- Face
    Nikki Bella- Heel
    Paige- Face
    Randy Orton- Face
    Rob Van Dam- Face
    Roman Reigns- Heel- WWE Tag Team Champion
    Rosa Mendes- Heel
    R-Truth- Face
    Ryback- Heel
    Sami Zayn- Face
    Santino Marella- Face
    Seth Rollins- Heel- WWE Tag Team Champion
    Tamina Snuka- Heel
    Ted Dibiase- Face
    The Great Khali- Face
    The Rock- Face
    Wade Barrett- Heel
    Zack Ryder- Face

    General Manager- Vickie Guerrero
    Ring Announcer- Lillian Garcia
    Commentators- Jim Ross and William Regal

    Aksana- Heel
    Alicia Fox- Face
    Alberto Del Rio- Heel- World Heavyweight Champion
    Antonio Cesaro- Heel
    Bo Dallas- Heel
    Brodus Clay- Face
    Camacho- Heel
    Chris Jericho- Face
    Christian- Face
    Cody Rhodes- Face
    Damien Sandow- Heel
    Darren Young- Heel
    Dean Ambrose- Heel- WWE United States Champion
    Dolph Ziggler- Face
    Epico- Heel
    Evan Bourne- Face
    Fandango- Heel
    Hunico- Heel
    Jack Swagger- Face
    Justin Gabriel- Face
    Kassius Ohno- Heel
    Kofi Kingston- Face
    Mark Henry- Heel
    Naomi Night- Face
    Natalya Neidhart- Face
    Primo- Heel
    Rey Mysterio- Face
    Sheamus- Face
    Sin Cara- Face
    Summer Rae- Heel
    Tensai- Face
    The Miz- Face
    Titus O'Neil- Heel
    Tyson Kidd- Face

    All feedback, good or bad, would be brilliant to read, as this is my first try at anything of this nature. I will give it a go at describing the matches and shows in a way that you people can understand. The first show will be up shortly.
  2. Monday Night RAW- September 2nd 2013

    A video package is shown highlighting all of the drama from last week, showing the major changes in the WWE landscape. The package ends with the narrator asking what happens now?

    The pyro explodes as the cameras show the WWE Universe ready to go and Michael Cole introduces us to the show.

    Michael Cole: "Hello and welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are sold out in the Wells Fargo Centre in Iowa, as the new dawn in the WWE begins. I'm joined by my broadcast colleague John Bradshaw Layfield, and we are the new announce team on Monday Night RAW!

    JBL: "Yes we are, and what a pleasure it is, Michael. Last week, the WWE was all shook up and now we have to deal with the consequences tonight in Iowa. It should be brilliant.

    The Rock's music hits and he makes his way down to ring to a huge pop.

    Michael Cole: "And what a way to start the show with the Great One, The Rock, who has signed a full time deal with the WWE and will be part of the RAW Brand, John."

    JBL: "It was huge news as the People's Champ returns, not just for a few shows, but every Monday night. Not just The Rock, but Brock Lesnar too! And Chris Jericho has returned on the same type of deal to be a part of the blue Brand on Smackdown."

    The Rock salutes the crowd on all four turnbuckles before grabbing a microphone and taking his position in the centre of the ring. The crowd begins a "Rocky" chant, and they are overjoyed at the Great One's return.

    The Rock: "This morning The Rock woke up at 5:45am sharp. The Rock then made him some breakfast, a solid protein shake to keep The Rock big and strong. Next, The Rock made his way to the gym for his regular early morning workout, where The Rock was lifting and lifting some weights and jogging and jogging his ass on the fastest speed on the running machine to keep The Rock at the peak of his powers. The Rock then took himself and did some media work because everybody knows that The Rock is the best damn plug man the people have got. The Rock then sat down and thought what to do next. But he knew straight away what to do next. He knew it was time to go to work, full-time work, so The Rock made his way to the Wells Fargo Arena so he could say FINALLY THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO IOWA!"

    The crowd rejoices at hearing those words, and The Rock basks in the glory of the crowd.

    The Rock: "Yes, The Rock is back, not just in Iowa but in the WWE, and on Monday Night RAW! Damn, that's good to say. So it's been a while, Wrestlemania was a long time a go now, and The Rock is all healed up! The Rock knows that the millions (and millions) of The Rock's fans are fed up of seeing Fruity Pebbles boy as the WWE Champion. Now John, I will give you all the credit. You beat me fair and square for that title, one two three in the middle of that ring at Wrestlemania. You gained my utmost respect for that John, but the thing is, as the former champion I never received my return title shot to try and win back that belt. So, now I'm back, I say we give Iowa a show. Tonight, The Rock versus John Cena for the..."

    The Rock is cut off as the eerie music of The Wyatt Family plays throughout the arena. The regular video of Bray Wyatt blowing out the lantern and saying "We're here" is shown and the arena goes pitch black. The music carries on playing, before stopping suddenly. The lights come back on to show Erick Rowan and Luke Harper attacking The Rock! A series of punches from both men put The Rock down as they begin to trash talk against the People's Champion. The Rock suddenly starts to fight back landing a number of blows against both Rowan and Harper before the numbers game catches up to him, and Harper connects with a vicious clothesline. The crowd fill the arena with jeers directed at Bray Wyatt and his family. Wyatt is still in his rocking chair on the ramp, not content which results in Erick Rowan going for a huge running splash on the prone Rock in the middle of the ring. But The Rock moves out the way! He hits a big spinebuster on Luke Harper and turns his attention to the man who is directing all of this, Bray Wyatt. This distraction allows Harper and Rowan to back Rock up into a corner before another clothesline from Harper, and a splash that connects this time by Rowan, leaves The Rock down. Bray Wyatt leaves his chair and enters the ring, microphone in hand.

    Bray Wyatt: "So the return of the Great One has been soured by the man who never lies. The return of the Great One has been soured by the man who never leaves you behind, the man who is always here for all of you, Bray Wyatt. This is just the start, an era of instability and lunacy is on it's way, because I see it. It's my prophecy, that this is just the start. So guess what movie star, it doesn't matter what YOU think because all you need to do Rocky, is follow the buzzards."

    Bray Wyatt laughs demoniacally as Harper and Rowan lift Rock up into Wyatt's arms. With a kiss to the forehead, Wyatt hits Rock with the Sister Abigail. He does this once, but decided that is not enough and picks The Rock up for another kiss and another Sister Abigail leaving The Rock near-broken in the ring. The Wyatt Family leave up the ramp as The Rock has not moved in the ring.

    Michael Cole: "The Rock's homecoming has been ruined by Bray Wyatt! This dastardly attack by this psycho group is just uncalled for!"

    JBL: "Shut up Michael! Bray Wyatt and his family are making a name for themselves and why not start by destroying arguably the biggest star we have in The Rock. It's brilliant Michael, just brilliant. Follow the buzzards Michael."

    Randy Orton is shown walking backstage and he is in action, next.


    We come back from commercial and 3MB are in the ring, as Drew McIntyre waits for his opponent. Randy Orton's music hits and he makes his way out for the first match of the night.

    Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre:

    McIntyre starts out quickly with a flurry of right hands and kicks, forcing Orton back into the corner. He hits a clothesline into the turnbuckle and Orton is down on the mat. He antagonises the crowd as the NO! chants start up. This spurs McIntyre on who lifts Orton up for a DDT. Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal celebrate on the outside as McIntyre has full control early on. He slaps on an arm lock keeping Orton grounded. The WWE Universe try to encourage the Viper as he starts to break out of the hold, but a shoulder block silences the crowd and keeps Orton down. McIntyre works on the neck of Orton with stomps before using an Orton-like manoeuvre as he stomps around the body and ends it with a knee drop.

    Drew McIntyre with an Irish whip into the corner before standing over Orton and nailing him with punch after punch. After the seventh punch, Orton rises up and hits a huge power bomb on the Scot. The crowd grows wilder as Orton starts hitting clothesline after clothesline before a huge powerslam, and The Viper is rolling. Orton hits a back-breaker and covers for the pin. 1, 2, NO! McIntyre kicks out! Orton starts slithering and pounding the mat signaling the end, before Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal drag McIntyre out of the ring, saving their partner. Heath Slater distracts the referee as Jinder Mahal sneaks in the ring and nails Orton with a clothesline and then a Full Nelson Slam behind the referee's back! This one is surely over! McIntyre slides in for the pin, but Orton gets his feet on the rope before the three count. McIntyre argues with the referee out of frustration and turns round into a RKO out of nowhere! Orton with the pin! 1, 2, 3! This one is over. Randy Orton picks up the victory!

    Michael Cole: "Randy Orton beats Drew McIntyre here on Monday Night RAW! A vintage RKO enough to defeat the Scotsman!

    JBL: "Despite the efforts of the worst band in Rock and Roll history, Randy Orton wins. That is why he is everything a WWE Superstar should aim to be!

    Randy Orton celebrates on the turnbuckles as 3MB edge away up the ramp.

    Renee Young is backstage with Ryback who is looking on at Randy Orton's celebrations.

    Renee Young: "Ryback, you've got a match next against Zack Ryder. Your thoughts?"

    Ryback: "I wouldn't exactly call it a match, Renee. Zack Ryder is a useless piece of crap, who, when up against a monster like me, has no chance. While Randy Orton may have just won, he didn't impress me. Against Ryback, he wouldn't get an opportunity to hit that RKO. He would suffer the same fate that Zack Ryder is about to suffer. Ryback Rules."


    Ryback comes out to the ring, and insults the crowd along the way. He does his regular entrance and waits in the ring for his opponent. Zack Ryder's music hits and he makes his way out to the arena.

    However, before he can get to the ring, Ryback meets him out on the ramp. He hits a flurry of punches before sending Ryder into the guardrail on the ramp. He hits a suplex on the metal, before taking Ryder and sending him head first into the WWE logo on the entrance ramp. Ryder is down, and Ryback drags his lifeless body into the ring. He demands that the referee rings the bell, and he does, out of fear.

    Ryback vs Zack Ryder:

    Ryback hits a huge Meathook Clothesline before sending Ryder shoulder first into the metal post. He follows that with a another Meathook Clothesline before lifting Ryder up on his shoulders, marching around the ring, and hitting the Shellshock for the three count. Ryback wins!

    Michael Cole: "Ryback wins the match, but that is not the full story here. He has absolutely destroyed Zack Ryder."
    JBL: "Ryback saw Randy Orton's earlier victory and has sent a message here to the Viper. Ryback Rules? I wouldn't wanna claim against it, Michael."

    Michael Cole: "Me neither John. So as Ryback wins, I wonder if he has impressed the General Manager Brad Maddox. Maddox claimed before the show on WWE.com that he will announce a new number one contender to John Cena's WWE Title tonight on RAW!"

    JBL: "Also, the WWE Tag Team Champions, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield, have found themselves on the other side of the draft from Shield member Dean Ambrose after last week's changes. We will find out their thoughts before Rollins takes on Sami Zayn, in Zayn's WWE Debut, next!"


    The music of the Shield hits as the WWE Tag Team Champions make their way out to the ring through the crowd. They collect a microphone before addressing the crowd.

    Seth Rollins: "So people will notice that there is no Dean Ambrose with us tonight. Dean isn't 'allowed' to be here as he is a Smackdown superstar. That is an injustice. But it's okay, because as long as myself and Roman have these belts, The Shield will continue to serve justice as a trio on Smackdown."

    Roman Reigns: "While on RAW, it may be just the two of us, but don't you dare think we aren't as dangerous. In fact, we're twice as dangerous. We're a wounded animal."

    Seth Rollins: "And this wounded animal needs to feast. So Sami Zayn, get yourself out here, in the bright lights, and prepare to be served justice. Believe in the Shield."

    Roman Reigns: "BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!"

    Sami Zayn's music hits, and he runs down to the ring, full of energy, as he is about to make his WWE debut. The crowd are wild for Zayn.

    Sami Zayn vs Seth Rollins:

    Sami Zayn starts with a bang as he hits a dropkick, stunning Rollins into the corner. He hits a hurricanrana before nailing punches to the face of Rollins. He rebounds off the ropes with an elbow before sending Rollins flying out of the ring. He climbs to the top and hits a flying forearm as we head to commercial.


    We come back to the action and Seth Rollins has gained control despite Zayn's good start. He hits a stiff kick to the head and covers, but Zayn kicks out before the two count. He lifts up Zayn before hitting a corner forearm smash that leaves Zayn down on the mat. Rollins continues to work on the upper body and neck area of Sami Zayn with kicks and stomps. He hits a neck-breaker before trash talking Zayn about his chances in the match. He then hits a pump-handle slam which results in a two count from the pin. Rollins climbs to the top and hits a perfect looking Corkscrew 450 splash. He hooks the leg, 1, 2, NO! 2 and a half for Rollins! Frustration is starting to get the better of Rollins and Zayn catches him by surprise with a roll-up! 1, 2, Kick out! Zayn is now going on a roll with arm drag after arm drag before a springboard splash! He goes for the cover! Reigns puts Rollins' foot on the ropes before the three! Zayn looks dejected as we head to another commercial!


    We come back and Zayn and Rollins are trading blows, gaining cheers and jeers from the crowd with each punch. Zayn hits a big dropkick which sends Rollins to the outside. Reigns checks on his team-mate but Zayn cuts them off with a suicide dive taking both of the Shield members out. The crowd pops huge for that move. All three men are down on the outside as the official begins the count. He gets to 7 before Zayn gets back in. 8! 9! Rollins slides in before the ten. Zayn with a spring board tornado DDT, his finishing move! The cover! 1, 2, NO! Rollins kicks out! The crowd are in disbelief, as is Zayn. They through it was over. Reigns slides into the ring. He has seen enough! He hits Zayn with a huge spear! The official is forced to call for the bell, and the DQ! Zayn wins on his debut.

    The Shield surround Zayn and hit a number of kicks. They get Zayn up for their signature power bomb,but here is Rob Van Dam! He hits an spinning heel kick on Rollins and Zayn throws Reigns out of the ring! Zayn and RVD share a handshake before making an action around their waists, signaling their intent for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

    JBL: "The Shield have been run off by these two highflyers! What a team they could be! What a performance by Sami Zayn and hey, Michael, a win is a win!"

    Michael Cole: "That's right, John! Sami Zayn wins on his debut and has seemed to start an alliance with Rob Van Dam! The Shield are in retreat!"

    Zayn and RVD salute the crowd as The Shield leave through the WWE Universe. They want the titles!


    Daniel Bryan enters Brad Maddox's office, as we return.

    Daniel Bryan: "Brad, how you doing?"

    Brad Maddox: "Well, I..."

    Daniel Bryan: "Yeah so, any chance I'm the new number one contender?"

    Brad Maddox : "I couldn't possibly..."

    Daniel Bryan: "Brad, there's only one right answer to that question."

    Brad Maddox: "And what's that?"

    Daniel Bryan: "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! Is that you answer?"

    Brad Maddox: "Er, No."

    Daniel Bryan: "YES!"

    Brad Maddox: "NO!"

    They start arguing before Maddox stops him.

    Brad Maddox: "How's about I give you the chance to stake your claim for the number one contender ship. Go out to the ring, and I'll send out your opponent."

    Daniel Bryan: "Fine."


    Daniel Bryan's music echoes throughout the arena, and he leads the YES! chants as he makes his way to the ring. His chant are stopped in it's tracks as the music of his opponent Big E Langston starts up. The circle each other as the bell is rung to start their match up.

    Daniel Bryan vs Big E Langston:

    Daniel Bryan tries to cut Langston down to the size with kicks to the back of the legs but the big man soon gets his hands around the shoulders of Bryan, delivering clubbing blows that sends him to the mat. A big belly to back suplex from Langston, and the crowd winces along with their hero, Bryan. AJ Lee smiles at Big E as he is in control, as she holds on to her Divas Championship. Langston with a powerslam keeps Bryan grounded, and the crowd start chanting for the man with the beard. Langston turns Bryan over before delivering blow after blow to the face of Bryan. A stiff kick in the stomach winds Bryan, who has not been able to get going in this match so far. Langston looks confident as he is in control and starts making YES! chants to the crowd, looking to make them angry. The chants only encourage Bryan who starts to run the ropes, hitting clotheslines and dropkicks before Langston finds himself down on the mat. Bryan applies the Surfboard, making Langston cry out in pain to the dismay of AJ Lee.

    Daniel Bryan connects with a series of stiff kicks to the chest before delivering a tough-looking kick to temple of Langston. The crowd chant YES! along with each kick. Bryan climbs up to the top and connects with the diving headbutt which gets a long two count. Bryan gets Langston in a single leg Boston Crab! Langston is in pain, but he suddenly powers out of the hold! Irish whip leaves Bryan in the corner. Langston goes for the splash but Bryan moves. A drop-toe hold makes Langston's head hits the second rope! Bryan with the roll up! 1, 2, NO! Langston powers out, sending Bryan out of the ring. Bryan with a kissing motion towards AJ Lee, making fun of their past relationship. This enrages Langston who sends Bryan into the steel steps before throwing him back in the ring.


    We come back as Langston hits another powerslam to Bryan. Langston goes to pick Bryan up but a small package puts Langston's shoulders down. 1, 2, NO! Bryan with a springboard off the top rope, but it's countered with a European Uppercut by Langston! Bryan's out cold! The pin. 1, 2, NO! Somehow, Bryan gets a shoulder up. Langston hits multiple rib breakers, but that is still not enough for the 3! Langston decides to finish it. He has Bryan up high for the Big Ending, but Bryan slithers out! He wrestles Langston down for the YES! Lock! Langston tries to get towards the ropes! He can't and TAPS OUT! Bryan wins!

    Daniel Bryan leads the celebrations from the top rope.

    Michael Cole: "An impressive victory for Daniel Bryan against the much stronger Big E Langston."

    JBL: "Big E may be much stronger but he isn't as technically sound as Daniel Bryan. He proves once again he is one of the best."

    Michael Cole: "And will that be enough to convince Brad Maddox to give him a shot at the.. Wait a second, what's this?"

    Daniel Bryan comes off the turnbuckle to a huge Hangman Facebuster, called the Kruger's End, by Leo Kruger. Kruger smiles at Bryan before putting him in the GC3, an inverted key lock. After a while, he lets off and leaves while smiling up the ramp. Daniel Bryan is hurt.

    Michael Cole: "Daniel Bryan's celebrations are ruined by the South African Leo Kruger! What was this about?"

    JBL: "I don't know what this was about, but I do know one thing. Two contenders for the number one contender spot have been taken out tonight. How does that bode for CM Punk?"

    Michael Cole: "Well yes, Maddox will make his decision shortly, but before that, Punk is in action against Wade Barrett when we return to Monday Night Raw!"


    The music of Wade Barrett hits, and he makes his way down to the ring, taunting the fans.

    Michael Cole: "Wade Barrett looking to get a big win against CM Punk here, as he wants to impress Brad Maddox."

    JBL: "Indeed Michael. A win here for Barrett will surely make him the number one contender for John Cena's WWE Championship."

    Cult of Personality rings around the arena as CM Punk makes his way to the ring, doing his usual entrance of telling people it's clobbering time. With a salute to the fans from Punk, the bell rings to start this match.

    CM Punk vs Wade Barrett:

    Both men start with a test of strength, which Barrett comes out on top of, pushing Punk back into the corner. Punk smirks as a loud "CM Punk" chant fills the arena. Punk tries again, but the same result occurs, and Punk has to rethink his stategy. He wrestles Barrett into a headlock before being pushed off into the roped. He runs the ropes before leapfrogging Barrett and then hitting a clothesline. An atomic drop is followed by a neck breaker and Punk is rolling at the start. Punk gees up the crowd and goes for another neckbreaker but it's blocked by Barrett, who nails Punk with a forearm to the face. Barrett throws Punk out as we head to commercial.


    As we return, Barrett is in full control of Punk with body blows in the corner. Barrett with a hard Irish whip and Punk bounces off the turnbuckle into a big boot. Barrett makes a title gesture to the camera, sending a message to Brad Maddox and John Cena. He picks up Punk and hits a long standing suplex. That gains a two count from the referee. Barrett hits a standing DDT, before landing dozens of stomps on to the back and neck of the self-proclaimed best in the world. Punk stumbles to his feet before Barrett collects him on his shoulders and hits a nasty looking Wasteland! The cover! 1, 2, NO! The crowd bought that as the finish! Another loud "CM Punk" chant starts up as he looks to fight his way back into this. Barrett throws Punk out of the ring, on the side of the announce table. He is looking to take his frustrations out on Punk! But Punk reverses and throws Barrett into the steel steps. He takes the cover off the announce table and slides Barrett onto it! He climbs back into the ring, onto the top rope and gives a salute to Randy Savage! The crowd know what comes next! Giant diving elbow by Punk, sending Wade Barrett through the announce table! Both men are on the floor in front of the fallen table as we head to another commercial!


    We return to find both men trying to get to their feet in the middle of the ring. Punk is up first and hits kick after kick to the midriff of Wade Barrett! Huge roundhouse kick leaves Barrett lying on the mat! Punk sends Barrett into the corner and connects with the knee to the face! He follows that up with a bulldog, and signals for the GTS! Suddenly, the music of Curtis Axel hits and he makes his way to the top of the ramp and mimics Punk's entrance! Punk is distracted by this and turns around into a stiff Bullhammer elbow! Wade Barrett covers! 1, 2, 3! Wade Barrett has defeated CM Punk!

    Curtis Axel leaves the arena laughing, while Wade Barrett goes up the ramp celebrating. CM Punk looks on from the ring, trying to digest what just happened.

    Michael Cole: "Curtis Axel has cost CM Punk the victory here! What is the agenda for the Intercontinental Champion?

    JBL: "And more importantly, what does Barrett's win mean for Maddox's decision? Will he become the new number one contender for the WWE Championship?

    Michael Cole: "We will find out, as Maddox makes his decision when we return to RAW, next!


    Renee Young is with Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman.

    Renee Young: "Guys, the world is confused as to what just happened. Can you explain your actions?"

    Paul Heyman: "CM Punk got just the start of everything he deserves. He turned his back on me, and decided being a Paul Heyman guy was not good enough for him. I took offence to that. Curtis Axel took offence to that. You see I helped CM Punk hold the WWE Champiosnhip for 434 days, and was the real reason Punk was so successful. Now I have decided that Curtis Axel deserves that sort of praise, so why not start with the so called Best in the World?"

    Curtis Axel: "CM Punk may claim to be the best in the world, but he can't be. I know somebody who's better. He is your reigning, defending WWE Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel, and that's perfect."

    Paul Heyman: "Now if you'll excuse us, I have business to sort out."

    Heyman and Axel leave, laughing. John Cena's music starts up and the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring for the main event promo, to a very mixed reaction.

    John Cena: "What a night huh? I have been watching, as have all of you, seemingly everybody claim they should have a shot at the WWE Championship! From The Rock, to Ryback, to Daniel Bryan, to CM Punk , to Wade Barrett, to Michael Cole, to Ron Simmons, to Jerry the sound guy, to that man with the YES! sign over there! Everybody. And while not all of you here like me, you sure damn like some people. So lets hear it, who do you think should be number one contender?"

    He puts the microphone towards the audience. "Rocky", "Daniel Bryan" and "CM Punk" chants fill the arena.

    John Cena: "Interesting. Well unfortunately, I don't have any say over who I face and neither do you. That decision is for Brad Maddox. But I just wanna say on record, that I am a fighting champion. I will take on all-comers for this title, so if you want some, come get some!"

    Brad Maddox makes his way out, with a microphone in hand.

    Brad Maddox: "John, easy there. I understand your a fighting champion. That's why I think the number one contender should be someone who tests you, someone who gives you a fight. Tonight, there have been people that have impressed me, and people who haven't impressed me. It has been a tough decision. But I am pleased to announce that at Night of Champions, John Cena will defend his WWE Championship against... BROCK LESNAR!"

    Brock Lesnar makes his way out to the ring to a monster reaction. He is all smiles as he reaches the ring. He shakes hands with Brad Maddox who signals for John Cena to do the same with Lesnar. He tries but Lesnar lifts him up for a thunderous F-5! Lesnar stands over Cena, and lifts the WWE Championship high in the air! Brock Lesnar has sent a message to WWE Champion John Cena!

    End show.

    So what do you think? All opinions would be great.
  3. I want to drive the "Number One Contender Ship"...
  4. Preview: Friday Night Smackdown- 6th September 2013

    After last weeks changes, how will the landscape of Friday nights be different?

    Who will face Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions for the World Heavyweight Championship?

    How will Dean Ambrose react to being split from the Shield after last week's draft?

    Where will Chris Jericho fit in as he makes his return to Smackdown?

    Confirmed matches for Smackdown:

    Dolph Ziggler vs Kassius Ohno

    Christian vs Fandango

    Chris Jericho vs Mark Henry

    Natalya vs AJ Lee

    The show will be up soon enough!
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