WWE 2014 Fantasy Diary

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  1. WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW - January 6th 2014
    Live from San Antonio, Texas

    The commentary team are Michael Cole, JBL and Alex Riley

    Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and tells everyone that he said that he was going to become the first ever WWE World Heaviweight Champion and he did. This brings out John Cena who says that he has a rematch clause and he's cashing it in tonight! The crowd explodes as it has been a long time since the WWE World Heaviweight Championship has been defended on RAW!

    Ryback vs Dolph Ziggler

    Both of these men are desperate for momentum. It's Also nice to see Ziggler in a match on RAW. Ryback is in control for most of the match until Ziggler hits a lovely DDT and the famaser. Ryback attempts the ShellShock but Ziggler counters it into a ZigZag to get the win. *1/2

    Backstage and Orton is shouting at Brad Maddox that Cena can't do that and Maddox says that he's sorry but Cena can. Orton says if he loses the title tonight he will be sorry.

    Summer Rae vs Natalya

    The divas division is starting to grow each week because if the Total Divas program and both of these divas want a win as we are aproaching the Royal Rumble PPV. The match is a basic divas match with Natalya getting the win with the Sharpshooter. *

    You can vote on the WWE App for who you want Dean Ambrose to defend the United States championship against on this weeks edition of Main Event. The choices are The Miz, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes.

    Cody Rhodes vs The Miz

    As announced just before this match that one if these two men at Main Event could get a United States Championship match. Just as the match is about to begin, Bad News Barrett music hits and he stands up on his podium and says he has got some bad news and that's that this perfetic match won't even start and the good news is that he is entering the Royal Rumble match.

    CM Punk vs Seth Rollins

    This is the definition of a awsome match. They got twenty minutes to go and do what they do best and that's wrestle. Some incredible chain wrestling starts us off, but much like every WWE crowd they don't seem to give a crap which is very disappointing. Punk hits a suicide dive and Rollins conects with a running flip over the top rope. A this is Awsome chant is started. Seth goes for a springboard knee to the head but Punk counters into a GTS but that's countered into a hurricanrana for two. Ambrose jumps on the apron and Punk dropkicks him of and Rollins rolls him up but only gets two. Out of no where Punk hits a kick to the head but he turns around and gets a massive spear from Roman Reigns. The shield beat down on Punk and go for a triple powerbomb but Bryan and Ziggler come out to make the save. ***

    Brad Maddox backstage announces that at the Royal Rumble it will be Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield and the winning team Gets to enter the Royal Rumble match.

    Fandango vs Daniel Bryan

    Loud Yes chants nearly all the way through this one. Just a squash match to keep Daniel Bryans momentum going.3/4*

    Bray Wyatt vs Goldust

    Very interesting match as both if these superstars aren't quiet normal should we say. Stiff shots start this one off until Wyatt hits his awsome running crossbody. Goldust hits a Canadian Destroyer and a hurricanrana of the top which starts a you still got it chant. Goldust goes for the Curtain call but Wyatt hits him in the ribs several times before hitting the Sister Abigail to get the win. Cody gets in the ring and tries to get his brother out as the whole family watch over them.

    The results are in for the vote on the WWE APP and that's that Cody Rhodes wins with 43%, Swagger with 31% and Miz with 26%.

    Announced for Friday Night Smackdown is Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns, which should be a awsome match.

    WWE World Heaviweight Championship
    Randy Orton vs John Cena

    The crowd here at San Antonio are split fifty, fifty. Some average mat wrestling starts us off until Cena hits two shoulder blocks, but Orton stops his momentum with a dropkick. Orton aplies two god Dan chinlocks before Cena powers out of it with a back body drop. Cena hits five moves of doom but as he goes the AA Orton pushes him away and goes for a RKO but Cena counters that and they both knock each other down with a double clothesline. Cena hits the AA out of no where but only gets two and Orton hits a RKO but also only gets a two count. This is awsome chant is started which is strange considering half of these wing bags have been complaining about this match. Cena goes for another AA but Orton hits him with a low blow causing a disqualification. Cena wins but Orton is still champion. ***
  2. Nice show man. Orton as champion? Tsk Tsk
  3. I did it from the end of 2013 so the champs stayed the same, thanks for positive feedback though !
  4. WWE Main Event January 8th 2014
    From Hueston Texas

    WWE United States Championship match
    Dean Ambrose (US Champ) vs Cody Rhodes (Tag champ)

    This past week on Raw, Cody won the vote on the WWE APP and will he win the prestigious United States Championship. The match starts off very slowly as neither man wants to make a mistake. Neither Rollins, Reigns or Goldust are ringside. Cody goes for quick roll ups but only get one and two counts. Ambrose tries to run away and get counted out but Rhodes stops him every time. The crowd are red hot for everything Cody does. Cody nails a moonsault but only gets two. Ambrose ducks a disaster kick and hits a big clothesline. He then aplies several rest holds but I won't be complaining as the match is around the twenty minute mark. Ambrose hits a baseball slide and launches Cody hard into steel steps. The crowd suddenly start chanting Yes because Daniel Bryan is on the ramp leading the yes chant. Ambrose is pointing at Bryan shouting what are you doing? Cody hits a disaster kick and then hits the Cross Rhodes to a monstrous pop to get the win and become the new United States Champion. Probably the best match in the history of Main Event. ***

    Backstage is Goldust and Cody the Tag Team champions are celebrating the win, when Vickie Guerero walks In the room. She says there is no time to celebrate because Friday Night on Smackdown, Cody and Goldust will be facing the Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan) in a non title match.

    AJ Lee (Divas champ) vs Cameron

    Basic Divas match, nothing special. Quick three minute match with AJ getting the win with the Black Widow. 1/2*

    Tyson Kid vs Curtis Axel

    This is a match that is important to both especially if both men want in on the Royal Rumble Match. Some nice chain wrestling starts us off before Axel hits a perfect dropkick. Kid starts picking up the pace with a springboard float over kneckbraker and a dropkick. Axel stops a springboard axe handle with a perfect suplex. If you watched NXT in early 2012 these two men put on some wrestling clinics. Axel hits the Perfect Plex to a great pop but only gets two. Kid goes for a tornado DDT but Axel holds on half way and turns it into a inverted DDT to get the win. **1/4
  5. Tyson Kidd losing? Raging majorly
  6. i wanted to push both of them but Axel was the logic win as he has had some momentum in 2013
  7. WWE Superstars January 9th 2014
    From San Antonio Texas

    Justin Gabriel vs Drew McIntyre

    Two men who back in 2011 you would have thought would be in at least the upper mid card and ever since McIntyres joined 3MB his career has gone down hill. This match has a very nice pace to it with Gabriel trying to speed it up every chance he can. He does this with a springboard moonsault for two and a springboard heel kick. Mcintyre hits a nice running big boot and starts connecting with several hard hitting strikes in the corner. Gabriel hits a belly to back suplex and a 450 splash to get the win. *1/4

    A RAW Rewind shows the match between Randy Orton and John Cena for the WWE World Heaviweight Championship.

    Jimmy and Jey Uso vs The Real Americans

    It's a very nice treat for the fans to see two high profiled teams in a match on Superstars. Usos have the crowd behind them, but as does The Real Americans who get the loud We The People chant. Uso hits a nice suicide dive and back in the ring Casaro hits a nice upricut. Swagger hits the Swagger bomb and Casaro hits a footstomp. Uso finally gets the hot tag and he hits two clotheslines and a catapult Samoan drop. He goes for a superkick but Swagger moves and Casaro hits a running Upricut. He teases the Casaro Swing, but Jey hits a superkick. From behind though Swagger hits a chop block and aplies the Patriot Lock to get the win. *3/4
  8. Would have been a huge upset win for Kidd, the next week he upsets another mid-card then an upper-mid card until Kidd holds the Heavyweight Belt? Gold mine storyline
  9. Possibly but i might wait till Chamber and him and Gabriel team up so they can win tag straps at Mania XXX
  10. WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN January 10th 2014
    From Houston Texas

    Commentary Michael Cole and JBL

    Randy Orton comes to the ring and said that as he has done the past two months that last Monday on Raw he retained his WWE World Heaviweight Championship. John Cena then comes out and says that if it wasn't for Orton cheating, he would be World Champion. Casaro then surprisingly comes out and says it doesn't matter who won on Monday because they are just holding the belt till he gets a shot. That brings out Vickie Guerero who says that this Monday on Raw it will be John Cena vs Casaro an the winner gets a shot at the WWE World Championship at the Royal Rumble. The crowd loves that as does Cena and Casaro.

    The Miz vs Jack Swagger

    These two men both lost, when it comes to voting on the WWE APP and they will be looking to build some momentum. Swagger starts the match by smartly working the ankle of the Miz. Miz tries to turn the match around with a clothesline but the second one was countered by a chop block from Swagger. Swagger tries several times to apply the Patriot Lock but every time he gets stopped. Miz rolls him up with a small package and just gets two but when he gets up Swagger hits a gutwrench powerbomb to get the win. Annoying how Swagger worked the leg, but the finish evolved the back. *

    Backstage and Daniel Bryan Is being interviewed by Renee Young and he says he will beat Roman Reigns tonight and at the Royal Rumble him and his team will win the match and he will go on to win the Royal Rumble match. That starts a massive Yes chant.

    Cody Rhodes and Goldust (Tag Champs) vs The Wyatt Family (Eric Rowan and Luke Harper)

    Bray Wyatt is ringside sitting in his chair. This is a big match when it comes to the tag team division as a win for the Wyatt Family could give them a championship match somewhere down the line. Cody the new United States Champion, who won that belt two nights ago on Main Event starts us off with some nice high risk moves such as a moonsault of the top and a crossbody of the top to the floor. Rowan hits a nice followay slam and Harper hits a lovely big boot. Goldust gets the hot tag and he cleans house and hits a double A spinebustee for two. He hits the ropes but whilst the ref isn't looking Bray Wyatt trips him up and Harper hits a devastating discuss clothesline to get the win. *1/2

    A promo airs saying that Adrian Neville is coming. The video package Is showing his high flying ability.

    Damien Sandow vs CM Punk

    This is a perfect opportunity for Punk to get some wins under his belt heading into the Royal Rumble match ( if they beat the Shield) as Punk has yet to win the Rumble match. Sandow is just desperate for anything. Sandow starts working the ribs with knees in the corner and several suplexes. Punk hits a springboard clothesline and a suicide dive and every time he sells the ribs. Punk goes for the GTS but Sandow punches the ribs and goes for a backbreaker but Punk pushes him into the corner and hits a running high knee followed by a clothesline. Punk then hits the Macho Man Elbow drop of the top and hits the GTS to get the win in a surprisingly good match. **

    Big E (intercontinental champ) vs Casaro

    Both men want and need this win as Casaro needs the momentum heading into his number one contenders match next week on Raw and Langston wants to have as little challengers as possible. They exchange hard hitting strikes before Big E hits a spear in the corner and he goes for a second one but Casaro catches him in the face with a big boot. Casaro aplies a chinlock but swings him round a few times before applying a delivering the Casaro Swing. He last ten rotations and hits a running apricot followed by the Neutralizer to get the win. **

    Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns

    Bryan gets the normal Yes chant as he makes his way to the ring. Reigns starts us off with a superman punch when Bryan wasn't looking but before the match could get properly started the rest of the shield start beating down on Bryan until Ziggler and Punk come out and start beating them down. The shield escapes the ring and Walks up the ramp. Daniel Bryan leads a yes chant as the show finishes. *
  11. WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW January 13th 2014
    Live From New Jersey

    Commentary - Michael Cole and Alex Riley

    The show starts with Brad Maddox standing in the middle of the ring and reminds everyone on the main event of tonight's show and that's Casaro vs John Cena where the winner will get a WWE World Heaviweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble Pay Per view.

    Big Show vs Fandango

    Not much to say about this one apart from that it's a SQUASH. Big Show wins the match with a chokeslam followed by the weapon of Mass Destruction. 1/4*

    Backstage and Sheamus is being interviewed by Renee Young and Sheamus says that tonight he feels like kicking someone's teeth down there throat. The camera shows Sheamus walking towards ringside.

    Sheamus comes down to the ring and gets the mic and says that he isn't scheduled to have a match tonight but he wants a fight. All of a sudden Brock Lesnar attacks him from behind! Heyman who is with him is screaming in his ear if you want a fight we will give you a fight at the Royal Rumble!

    Christian vs Sin Cara

    Both of these men have been doing absolutely nothing recently and just because I can , I have taken away Sin Caras stupid lighting effect and the crowd starts chanting No more lights! Sin Cara hits several nice armdrags before Christian hits a nice reverse DDT. He then hits a springboard dropkick sending Cara to the floor. He then hits a baseball slide and a suplex on the floor. Cara goes for a moonsault if the top but Christian moves out of the way and hits the Killswitch to get the win. *1/2

    PrimeTime Players vs The Usos

    Two face teams but the Usos definitely get the better reaction. They start off by seeing who can get the louder cheer until Young hits two nice clotheslines. The prime Time Players keep each other fresh by tagging each other out but USO hits a enzigury and makes the hot tag. He clears house before hitting a running splash over the top rope and as he does that, the other Uso makes the tag and hits a superkick and a splash of the top rope to get the win. *1/4

    Video package saying that Adrian Neville is coming and the video features some of his High flying moves.

    Dolph Ziggler vs Dean Ambrose

    The former United States Champion is taking on one of his oppnenets for next Sunday's Royal Rumble pay per view. They start of by countering each others grapples before Ziggler hits a lovely dropkick. He then hits several elbow drops before missing a final big one, which allowed Ambrose to hit one if his own. Ambrose hits some nice suplexes before Ziggler counters a belly to back suplex into a rocker dropper. They both get up before the ten count and Ziggler hits two clotheslines followed by a kneckbraker. Ambrose gets back up and tries to hit a bulldog but Ziggler pushes him away and aplies the sleeper hold. Ambrose counters that and then out of no where hits a inverted DDT to get the win. **1/2

    You can vote on the WWE APP on who you want have a Intercontinental Championship match on Smackdown. Choices are Christian, Big Show and Jack Swagger.

    They also show that Wednesday it will be CM Punk vs Christian on Main Event, which is going to be a cracking match.

    Cody Rhodes (United States and Tag Champ) vs Ryback

    Ryback is yet to win a championship in the WWE and if he beats the US champ and Tag champ he is in contention for a future title match. Ryback is in complete control at the start if this match until Cody hits a disaster kick. Axel gets up onto the apron but Goldust Knocks him of which gets a really big pop. Cody hits the Cross Rhodes to get the win.*

    The results for the WWE APP Is Christian - 49%, Jack Swagger - 26% and Big Show - 25% which means on Smackdown it will be Big E vs Christian for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Daniel Bryan and CM Punk vs 3MB ( Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal)

    To be honest you know who is going to win this as soon as 3MB made there entrances. The crowd are dual chanting Yes and CM Punk. They both start things off with suicide dives and a springboard clothesline. Drew gets a nice running big boot for a two count. Punk hits a GTS on Jinder and Bryan hits the Running Knee to get the win. *

    Winner receives a WWE World Heaviweight Championship Match at the Royal Rumble
    John Cena vs Casaro

    This match has a big fight feel with both men getting in ring introduction. The crowd are fully behind Casaro with lots of We The People chants. Both men are slow and cautious and don't want to make any mistakes Cena hits a monkey flip and a average dropkick. Casaro hits a awsome tilt the world backbreaker and conects with several stiff upricuts. Cena goes for a shoulder block but Casaro ducks and he goes flying under the bottom rope down to the floor. Casaro then hits a gutwrench suplex on the floor! That starts a small holy shit chant. Cena then hits one shoulder block and as he goes for the second Casaro catapults him high into the air and hits one if the sweetest apricots I have seen in my life to only get a two, such a close nearfall. Cena though gets back up and hits the belly to back suplex and the five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for a AA but thats countered by Casaro who pushes him into the buckle and hits a bridges half Nelson suplex for only two again. Cena goes for a legdrop of the top but Casaro moves out of the way and hits a Neutrilizer but only gets two. Orton though comes in and hits both men in the head with the championship belt. Brad Maddox immediately comes out and says Randy it will now be Randy Irton defending the WWE World Heaviweight Championship against John Cena and Casaro and the crowd goes mental. ***1/4
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