WWE 2016... 10 reasons we should be worried

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. 10. Lack Of Competition Will Finally Catch Up To WWE
    9. The Royal Rumble Could Be Anemic Once More
    8. The Hall Of Fame Could End Up Being Shortest Ever
    7. The ‘Female Revolution’ May Be A Passing Trend
    6. The Same ‘Start/Stop’ Booking Will Continue
    5. WWE Are Running Out Of Money-Drawing Names
    4. Daniel Bryan Might Not Be Back In A Wrestling Ring
    3. Roman Reigns Could Flop As Champion
    2. The Undertaker Retiring
    1. Brock Lesnar May Tire Of Carrying Burden


    Read the source for the explanations. I don't see Undertaker retiring as a bad thing. He can become a legend in 2017. Also, I can't see Daniel Bryan being done yet.
  2. 1 reason not to worry: there's great wrestling to watch outside WWE.
    Anyway, yeah, most of those reasons are valid, except I guess for the HoF (who cares?) and the fact the DB, Taker and Lesnar ones could be summarized by #5. #10 is pretty vague also.
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  3. 10. There's been lack of competition for years.
    9. Wouldn't surprise me. They've made it predictable and fucked since 2013.
    8. I don't get how this makes 2016 suck. And it could have arguably the best wrestler ever: taker.
    7. Probably but nothing different from the last decade.
    6. Been happening already especially since cena got on top.
    5. I don't get how so more than before, the only one I can think of off hand is maybe taker.
    4. That's true. But they don't seem to really want to push him any way.
    3. That not a "huge" deal if he does flop, really. It may seem that way, but reigns will always have some form of a top spot like he's been having. They'll just put the strap on someone else. The machine will keep spinning.
    2. Not really a huge loss here and it's probably expected now.
    1. Be tired of carrying the company? He's signed till like 2018. He will have to carry it even if he gets "tired" of it. And I don't see that happening. He's a different man than he was like 10 years ago. He's got a family, he's the top guy in WWE, and heels already proven everything. Why would he get sick of where he is now? He could've went to ufc.
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  4. I guess people don't realize these other wrestling organizations won't survive without WWE.. WWE is what keeps the business running, without them the business will be dead.. There's always MMA though.
  5. LOL, nope.

    And you can actually make a living without WWE, genius.
  6. 10. I really wish Lucha Underground was a bigger company and could give WWE a pounding on the ass. As far as the product itself goes, LUG > WWE.

    9. Why not have the streak continue? If Rollins retains at SS via Ambrose turning on Reigns, then I could see Reigns winning the Rumble and we'd probably have Royal Rumble Rebellion, Part III.

    8. Don't really care about the HOF, to be quite honest.

    7. Isn't it, already? The reason the #DivasRevolution has sucked is because you cannot push 9 people at once. Their matches have lacked purpose for the most part.

    6. Yup. Gotta love that. It almost makes me wish Russo was re-hired.

    5. Yeah, because they keep flopping at creating new stars every time.

    4. Correction: Daniel Bryan Might Not Be Back In A WWE Ring. If he doesn't get cleared to compete in the WWE ever again, then I can see him heading back to ROH or going to Japan.

    3. If they keep micromanaging the guy, then he will. Reigns needs to be himself and not sound like Vince is talking through him.

    2. WrestleMania 32 may indeed be the time and place.

    1. I don't think so. He'll be in WWE for at least 3 years and will be working the schedule he's keen on. Plus, it brings him a huge amount of dough.
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  7. Good.
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