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  1. Monday Night Raw - January 5th 2016

    We start off raw with every superstar on the ramp, including the WWE Champ, Roman Reigns.

    Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon then make their way to the ring, as they stare a hole right through Roman Reigns.

    Vince talks about how Roman attacked him and Triple H, and tonight, he will pay the price as he will be in a 4 on 1 elimination handicap match against The League Of Nations. There will also be 3 Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches!


    Match 1
    Singles Match
    Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
    Ryback vs Tyler Breeze

    This was a good match, but Tyler Breeze came out with the victory, after a Beauty Shot in 11:49

    Winner - Tyler Breeze

    Match 2
    Fatal 4 Way
    US Title Number 1 Contendership Match
    Kalisto vs Neville vs Stardust vs The Big Show

    This was a really good match, which had good high flying, technical and strength related offence, but Kalisto ultimately won, after a Salida Del Sol on Stardust in 8:20

    Winner - Kalisto
    We then cut backstage to see JoJo

    Dean Ambrose then walks into the picture, as he is holding his prestigious IC Title

    JoJo then asks him what he has in store for Kevin Owens at the Rumble, as he has cashed in his rematch clause. He says that he will destroy Owens, and will give him a beating, that he will NEVER forget.


    Match 3
    Singles Match
    Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
    Dolph Ziggler vs Konnor

    This was a short match, which Ziggler won, after a super kick in 7:20

    Winner - Dolph Ziggler

    Match 4
    Singles Match
    Kevin Owens vs Kane

    This was a quick match, which Owens won with a pop up power bomb in 8:10

    Winner - Kevin Owens

    We then get shown footage of Kane being helped to the back, holding his neck.

    Match 4
    Tag Team Match
    Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
    Dudley Boys vs Los Materdores

    This was a good matchup, with The Dudleys winning, after a 3D on Diego

    Winners - Dudley Boys

    After the match, Materdores then start attacking El Torito, hitting him with a double brain buster, before they rip their masks off to reveal Epico and Primo as we go to a commercial

    Match 5
    Elimination Handicap Match
    Roman Reigns vs League Of Nations

    Order of Elimination

    Wade Barrett in 7:29
    Alberto Del Rio in 13:21
    Roman Reigns by Rusev in 21:11

    Winners - Rusev and Sheamus

    They keep attacking Reigns after, until Vince makes his way out, and says that The WWE Championship will now be VACATED, as Reigns put his hands on the boss, and will be won in The 40 MAN ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH! Everyone are shocked as we go off the air with LON standing Over Reigns

    Raw News

    Kane's injury is said to be legit, as he saw doctors straight after the match, as WWE.com announced that he will be out for at least 2-4 Months


    WWE Championship
    40 Man Royal Rumble Match

    Participants: (In Alphabetical Order) Bubba Ray Dudley, Dolph Ziggler, D-Von Dudley, Tyler Breeze

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