WWE 2K 16 Wishlist (If WWE buys TNA)

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    In the Create A Superstar mode:

    Family Feature
    More Surnames
    Few more First names.
    Past personas names: Mastino, Stunnning, Striker, Meng, Armstrong and etc.
    We should be able to have least five slots for the name so we can recreate "HEART BREAK KID" Shawn Michaels.
    More Unique Hometowns
    In game names (Undertaker, Cena and etc.)
    Match Specialty
    Managers' abilities from WWE Legends of WrestleMania.
    Job: Announcing, Referee, GM, Superstar/Diva or Manager
    863 CAW Slots

    Create a Stadium:

    Decorate GM Office with Paint Tools aka logos
    Decorate Hallways with Paint Tools.
    Decorate the Interview arena.
    Decorate the Locker rooms both Divas and Superstars.
    Create a Referees Outfit. (ECW Referee, Smackdown Blue Shirt, WCW White short sleeves shirt with black trim on the sleeves, Long sleeves light blue button up shirt with black bow-tie, Short sleeves light blue button up shirt with black bow-tie or the Black and White stripe shirt.

    1. Normal
    2. Hexagon

    Choose Announcing Team:


    Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan and Steve McMichael
    Eric Bischoff, Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone
    Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan.
    Eric Bischoff, Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone.
    Mike Tenay, Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.
    Mike Tenay and Tony Schiavone.
    Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko and Tony Schiavone.
    Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone.
    Mike Tenay, Mark Madden and Tony Schiavone.
    Mark Madden and Tony Schiavone.
    Scott Hudson, Mark Madden and Tony Schiavone.
    Jeremy Borash, Mark Madden and Tony Schiavone
    Scott Hudson and Tony Schiavone.


    Joey Styles and Rick Rude
    Joey Styles and Joel Gertner
    Joey Styles and Cyrus


    Joey Styles, Jonathan Coachman and Jerry Lawler
    Joey Styles and Tazz
    Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon
    Jesse Ventura and Monsoon
    Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
    Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross
    Bobby Heenan and Monsoon
    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

    Mike Tenay and Don West
    Mike Tenay and Taz

    Choose Interviewer: ???
    Choose a Microphone: Golden Microphone, Normal, Wired or TNA Microphone.
    Choose a Stage Template: TNA Entrances Stages, Golden Era stages, New Generation Era stages, Attitude Era stages, ECW Stages and WCW Stages (Including the WCW Pro Wrestling stage as well.

    Wrestling moves:

    Catching finishter: Scorpion Deathlock
    Stinger's splash
    Inverted DDT from the Top Rope (Only on giants like Big Show and Khali as well as Undertaker and Kane.)
    Inverted DDT from the Corner.
    Double Finishers: Camel Clutch & Ankle Lock, Crossface & Texas Cloverleaf, etc.

    Story Designer Mode:

    Wedding Scene
    Wedding Interrupt
    Fix the Camera Angles.
    Fix some of the scenes in this mode.
    Can have more custom Superstars in the story.
    More Diva scenes.
    Finisher Screwjob Scenes

    Custom Championship:

    Needs to be more like the Smackdown vs Raw 2008 featuring ECW.
    No need to buying unless you are playing GM Mode.
    Patterns for the strap from the Smackdown vs Raw 2008 featuring ECW.
    If you upload your Custom Championship to the Universe mode you have the option of putting a stipulations with that custom Championship.

    Universe Mode:

    You could have stipulations for PPV. Like I would like to have NXT be a PPV. I would love to be able to put stipulations on the NXT PPV. Like The Winner of the NXT PPV can't go for the title until a year is up.
    We should be able to have an All Diva show.


    WCW TV Title
    TNA Knockout
    TNA Legend
    TNA Tag Team
    TNA Global
    TNA X-D blue X.


    Burried Alive Match
    Casket Match
    Pole Match
    Punjabi Prison Match
    Empty Arena Match
    Ambulance Match
    Four way Tag Team match
    Handicap match: 1 vs 2, 1 vs 3, 1 vs 4, 1 vs 5, 2 vs 3, 2 vs 4
    5 on 5
    Steel Asylum
    6-sided Steel
    Elevation X
    Ultimate X
    King of the Mountain
    Fights for the Right


      1. GM Mode with an online function. Let me and buddy with the game from another state each draft live, then we can each book our shows on our own time. Once both players have set their cards, the other player gets a message, either through PSN/XBL or the game itself, then they both see the results and each book their own show again an rinse and repeat.

        WWE 2k needs a MyPlayer mode like NBA 2K Games have. Also, they need live dynamic updates such as if John Cena has a new haircut, the game will update and now Cena has a new haircut in the game. If Cena has a new attire in real life, the game will update and now Cena has a new attire.

        A long running constantly updated career mode. One where you can play for months. One where it gets updated after a certain point in the game.


        Nostalgia mode:
        31 Years of Wrestle-Mania
        Attitude Era
        Legend Killer Mode
        NxT mode
        What if mode
        Road to the Hall of Fame.
        Monday Night Wars
        Manager Mode.
        Referee Mode.
        Trainer Mode
        GM Mode


        The Roster:

        Current Roster:

        Alberto DelRio
        Alex Riley
        Big E
        Big Show
        Brock Lesnar
        Brodus Clay
        Chris Jericho
        Cody Rhodes
        CM Punk
        Curtis Axel
        Curt Hawkins
        Damien Sandow
        Daniel Bryan
        Darren Young
        David Otunga
        Dean Ambrose
        Dolph Ziggler
        Drew McIntyre
        Evan Bourne
        The Great Khali
        Heath Slater
        Jack Swagger
        Jason Albert
        Jey Uso
        Jimmy Uso
        Jinder Mahi
        John Cena
        Justin Gabriel
        Kofi Kingston
        Mark Henry
        The Miz
        Randy Orton
        Rey Mysterio
        Rob Van Dam
        Roman Reigns
        Santino Marella
        Seth Rollins
        Sin Cara
        Titus O'Neil
        Triple H
        Tyson Kidd
        The Undertaker
        Wade Barrett
        William Regal
        Yoshi Tatsu
        Zack Ryder

        Current Divas:

        AJ Lee
        Alicia Fox
        Brie Bella
        Ariane Andrew
        Layla El
        Naomi Knight
        Nikki Bella
        Rosa Mendes
        Tamina Snuka


        Hall of the Fame:

        Abdullah The Butcher
        Andre The Giant
        Antonino Rocca
        Antonio Inoki
        Arn Anderson
        Arnold Skaaland
        Baron Mikel Scicluna
        Big John Studd
        Bill Watts
        Billy Graham
        Blackjack Mulligan
        Blackjack Lanza
        Bob Armstrong
        Bob Backlund
        Bob Orton Jr.
        Bob Uecker
        Bobby Heenan
        Bobo Brazil
        Booker T
        Bret Hart
        Bruno Sammartino
        Buddy Rogers
        Captain Lou Albano
        Carlos Colon
        Chief Jay Strongbow
        Cactus Jack
        Don Muraco
        Dude Love
        Dusty Rhodes
        Eddie Graham
        Eddie Guerrero
        Ernie Ladd
        Freddie Blassie
        Terry Funk
        George Steele
        Gerald Brisco
        Gorgeous George
        Gorilla Monsoon
        Greg Valentine
        Jim Duggan
        Harley Race
        High Chief Peter Maivia
        Hulk Hogan
        Iron Sheik
        Ivan Putski
        Jack Brisco
        Jake Roberts
        Jerry Lawler
        Jesse Ventura
        Jimmy Snuka
        Jimmy Valiant
        Johnny Valiant
        Jerry Valiant
        Johnny Rodz
        Junkyard Dog
        Killer Kowalski
        Koko B. Ware
        Maurice Vachon
        Mick Foley
        Mike Tyson
        Mil Mascaras
        Million Dollar Man
        Mr. T
        Mr. Fuji
        Mr. Perfect
        Nick Bockwinkel
        Nikolai Volkoff
        Pat Patterson
        Paul Orndorff
        Pedro Morales
        Razor Ramon
        Ric Flair
        Ricky Steamboat
        Road-Warrior Animal
        Road-Warrior Hawk
        Rocky Johnson
        Roddy Piper
        Ron Simmons
        Sgt. Slaughter
        Shawn Michaels
        The Sheik
        Stone Cold
        Tito Santana
        Tony Atlas
        Ultimate Warrior
        Verne Gagne
        William Perry
        Fritz Von Erich
        Ross Von Erich
        Kevin Von Erich
        David Von Erich
        Kerry Von Erich
        Mike Von Erich
        Chris Von Erich
        Waldo Von Erich
        Lance Von Erich
        Lacey Von Erich


        Fabulous Moolah
        Mae Young
        Trish Stratus
        Wendi Richter

        WWE Alumni:
        • Adam Bomb
        • Bad News Brown
        • Bam Bam Bigelow
        • The Berzerker
        • Big Boss Man
        • Big Daddy V
        • Bill Demott
        • Billy Gunn
        • Billy Kidman
        • Boogeyman
        • Brian Pillman
        • British Bulldog
        • Brooklyn Brawler
        • Bruiser Brody
        • Brutus Beefcake
        • Buddy Rose
        • Bushwhacker Luke
        • Bushwhacker Butch
        • Butch Reed
        • Chris Masters
        • Crash Holly
        • Crush
        • David Hart Smith
        • Dean Malenko
        • Demolition Ax
        • Demolition Smash
        • Diamond Dallas Page
        • Doink the Clown
        • Steve Williams
        • D-Von Dudley
        • Bubba Dudley
        • Spiky Dudley
        • Duke Droese
        • Earthquake
        • Ezekiel Jackson
        • Michael P.S. Hayes
        • Buddy Roberts
        • Terry Gordy
        • Jimmy Garvin
        • Fit Finlay
        • Giant Gonzales
        • Gillberg
        • Gobbledy Gooker
        • Goldberg
        • Haku
        • Hakushi
        • Hardcore Holly
        • Hillbilly Jim
        • Honky Tonk Man
        • The Hurricane
        • Irwin R. Schyster
        • Jamie Noble
        • Jeff Hardy
        • Jim Neidhart
        • Joey Mercury
        • John Morrison
        • Kamala
        • Ken Shamrock
        • Kevin Nash
        • Diesel
        • Kevin Sullivan
        • King Kong Bundy
        • Kurt Angle
        • Lance
        • Lex Luger
        • Marty Jannetty
        • Matt Hardy
        • Max Moon
        • Missing Link
        • MVP
        • Moondogs
        • Brian Knobbs
        • Jerry Sags
        • One Man Gang
        • Papa Shango
        • The Jackyl
        • Kurrgan
        • Giant Silva
        • Golga
        • Violent J
        • Shaggy 2 Dope
        • Perry Saturn
        • Pyshosis
        • Johnny Grunge
        • Rocco Rock
        • Randy Savage
        • Raven
        • Rick Rude
        • RhYno
        • Rick Martel
        • Rick Steiner
        • Rikishi
        • Road Dogg
        • S.D. Jones
        • Sabu
        • Sandman
        • Savio Vega
        • Scott Steiner
        • Shane Douglas
        • Shane McMahon
        • Shelton Benjamin
        • Sid
        • Skinner
        • Stan Hansen
        • Steve Blackman
        • Tajiri
        • Tatanka
        • Tazz
        • Ted Dibase
        • Test
        • Tiger Mask
        • Tom Prichard
        • Tommy Dreamer
        • Tugboat
        • Tyler Reks
        • Ultimo Dragon
        • Umaga
        • Vader
        • Val Venis
        • Virgil
        • Vladimir Kozlov
        • The Warlord
        • X-Pac
        • Zeus

        • Alundra Blayze
        • Beth Phoenix
        • Bull Nakano
        • Candice Michelle
        • Victoria
        • Cherry
        • Christy Hemme
        • Dawn Marie
        • Eve
        • Francine
        • Ivory
        • Jacqueline
        • Jazz
        • Jillian
        • Kaitlyn
        • Kelly Kelly
        • Kharma
        • Luna Vachon
        • Maria
        • Maryse
        • Maxine
        • Melina
        • Michelle McCool
        • Mickie James
        • Molly Holly
        • Sable
        • Stacy Keibler
        • Tiffany
        • Torrie Wilson
        WWE 13-WWE 2K 14 Rosters combined and few others.
        • WCW Chris Jericho
        • Brock Lesnar Retro
        • Hollywood Hogan
        • Bradshaw
        • Faarooq
        • Ric Flair retro
        • Hunter Hearst-Helmsley
        • Godfather
        • Paul Wight
        • Christian retro
        • Edge retro
        • Kane retro
        • Undertaker retro
        • Undertaker Biker
        • K-Kwik
        • Big Show
        • Mark Henry N.O.D.
        • Ringmaster
        • Rocky Maivia
        • The Rock Retro N.O.D.
        • Konnan
        • Syxx
        • The Giant
        • Scott Steiner retro
        • Rick Steiner retro
        • NWO Vincent
        • Resse
        • Rey Mysterio Jr. retro
        • Eddie Guerrero retro
        • Damon Striker
        • Bruiser Mastino
        • Terra Ryzing
        • Mean Mark Callous
        • Robby V
        • Brian Armstrong
        • WCW Lex Luger
        • Stunning Steve Austin
        • Meng
        • Barbarian
        • Sting (Wolfpack Sting, Surfer Stinger and Crow Sting)
        • Disiciple
        • Scott Norton
        • Buff Bagwell
        • The Wrath
        • Alex Wright
        • Disco Inferno
        • Brian Adams


    AJ Styles
    Samoa Joe
    Elixx Slipper
    Petey Williams
    Awesome Kong
    Low Ki/Senishi
    Chris Harris
    James Storms
    Austin Aries
    Judas Mesias
    Christopher Daniels
    Amazing Red
    Matt Morgan
    Andrew Martin
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  2. The lag on the game would be immense if they squeezed all this
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  3. What would you do? Don't tell me that you are a PG Person.
  4. Get rid of WCW and TNA rosters....simple enough....
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  5. I won't get rid of WCW/TNA Roster Since in this thread is about TNA getting brought by WWE. I didm't asked you. I was asking Manik.
  6. Yes...but in giving my opinion....

    You can't keep me from doing that.
  7. If they managed to pull something as extensive as this off, I'd kiss Vince McMahon's ass all day long m8
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