WWE 2K 17 just starting

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  2. Absolute shite
  3. I know there isn't much but it's a start.
  4. These games are rubbish. Have not bought the last 3 probably 4. Played last years at a friends, shockingly bad in terms of gameplay. Always had a problem with them removing certain gameplay features for no valid reason
  5. I like playing the games. It's fun cause I play with my cousins.
  6. 16 was the best in years.
    Well if you played on new gen.
  7. I have PS4.
  8. I only got 2K14 because I wanted a game with an updated roster and a collection of old guys. Commentary from 2006-2008 has died to shite. Crowd reactions have gone utterly silent and overall feel of the game feels so artificial. I remember in 2006, crowds would scream and pop if you jump off a ladder. You can jump off heaven through a flaming table and still get no reaction in the newer ones.
  9. Funner games are obv better but the way it looks is, they are really trying to improve the games. Imo 15 is better than 15 and they can really only go forward at this point.
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  10. A lot of hate for 2k16. How come? I really like the simulation based WWE games over the arcade ones.
  11. It is going to be the same.as 2k16

    They should just have a outmode so maybe play on the snow or rain or fog
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