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Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Roadster, Jun 30, 2014.

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  1. I just thought 2K15 can be discussed here.

    For anyone who didn't watch RAW the cover was revealed
    WWE 2K15 Cover (open)

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  2. His belly button looks weird
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  3. To be completely honest, I like it. I like the color scheme but I could have done with a bit less white; all in all it's a decent cover. Nothing to freak out about, though.
  4. Creations.

    I hope that they do release a website as to where you can upload logos for your game. Paint tool can be fairly tedious to use and it's about time they took this chance. Of course it would have to be monitored by some admins but it would and will create some originality.

    I would also like the faces in create a wrestler to be a little more advanced as well, Normally the faces look the same when it comes to making your own superstar/diva and that can be highly annoying.


    As a huge fan of traditional survivor series tag team matches I would like to see more then six superstars in the ring. Granted this may not be possible but it would still be nice to have room for more wrestlers to compete in a match.
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  5. I want a huge roster including new talent! Would be great to see Paige, Adam Rose. Bo Dallas etc included or even as DLC the Wyatt family will be amazing on the game! Hours of gameplay could be spent just with these few superstars! They need to work on the season mode I wasn't big on the wrestle mania moments tbh...
  6. Maybe an Authority Mode.... Of some sort..
  7. Wonder if there's gonna be WWE counterpart to NBA Today.
  8. [​IMG]

    Can't wait to swap this cover out for a Sandow one.
  9. Mine :tough:
  10. Blur Patch will still be in this year. Sadly :/
  11. Well...Sting was announced.
  12. @Just Kevin also stated that his merch was shown on WWE.com...

    Do you think he may make a segment appearance on TV?
  13. Obviously, WWE signed Hogan back in November but returned in February. WWE's maneuvering for the return that's best for Sting.
  14. He will have 2 characters in the game.. flattop colorful face paint Sting and his Crow persona.
  15. Flair and Sting staredown would be GOAT.
  16. Knowing WWE it'd probably turn into WWE Network promotion halfway through.
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  17. I have a strong feeling the 'mode of they year' mode is going to be a WCW one, I wouldn't mind it tbh, but please don't let it be commentated by King and Cole :tough:

    And my bet would be that Sting makes an appearance to talk about the mode. I really hope there will be an actual career mode, not a universe mode alone, but I highly doubt it, because a lot of people seem to be asking for it, which in videogame logic means we'll never get it.
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  18. If it's a WCW one then I want this.

  19. Would be so damn epic! not gonna happen though, ever :emoji_slight_frown:
  20. WWE 2k15 on next gen to get massive boost in graphics (Visual Dynamics of NBA 2k14 on next gen taking a huge part this time around using their scanning technology)


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