WWE 2K14 and YOU?

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Dolphbk, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. With the Rumored Goldberg , The Phenom Edition , Ultimate Warrior all in 1 !!

    I ( Being a Gamer ) am very excited , I am here to see the first things you are planning on doing upon first playing.
  2. The first thing I am doing is making DB the champion of every single title of course.

    Are your surprised? Love me!
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  3. Hoping its actually enjoyable for a change.
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  4. I'm excited for it. I think I might go through whatever story mode they have. I might get some DLC if they have any as well.
  5. They always sucker us in with that damn DLC.

    Hell yes I want DB with and without beard.
  6. haha, I'd like to see American Dragon Bryan as DLC. but who knows? haha,
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  7. Oh hell yes, and they include the pepsi plunge for CM Punk
  8. Either that or we could just create it in the Create a Finisher thing.
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  10. Meh, I'll probably buy it but after so many years it just hit me that WWE games have always been the same since '09 (not that I hadn't noticed before but it just started bothering me now). I'll get it and have some moderate fun but not having very high hopes for this.
  11. As I mention I hope it's good. If it is I'll be pushing Justin Gabriel, depushing Ryback and Sheamus and give Santino a run with the IC title.
  12. Editing Cena so he has a 1 for every stat and drafting him to Saturday morning slam will be the first thing i do.
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  13. I'll buy the game. I'll create Jeff Hardy and I'll play every single match with him!
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