WWE 2k14 Backstage (PS3)

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  1. This is where you post promos, make rivalries and Role-play basically for the league. Don't use OOC too much because that gets annoying and please be active in this section, because that's how you will get booked majority of the time! If you have a promo you can post it here, if you have a big promo (not just in size) you can make your own thread for it using the "WWE Games" prefix. Let the RPing begin!
  2. Fullofit: Making my way down town walking fast, faces past and I'm home bound...
  3. FMF: Hmm, nice place. It'll be better when I'm done with it.
  4. *Italian enters*

    Italian: Time to make a name in this business.
  5. FMF: You really think you'll be anything here, kid?
  6. Italian: Of course I will. I'm the greatest in a ring. My wrestling skills are great and will be better than yours.....if you even have any.
  7. FMF: HA! You obviously don't know my history, my friend. See, I'm better than you because I capatilize on oppurtunities. While you..... hehe.. you let every oppurtunity vanish like a campfire in the ocean. Good luck in this league. You're gonna need it.
  8. Italian: I guess you don't know my history. Many people don't really like me. I had to make some risky choices like leave my partner and stop wrestling in a league to run it. But, I never got the chance. In the record books, I defeated a champion and one of the best guys in that league. So, you better watch out because I'll be the best here soon.
  9. FMF: Hmm. You just sealed your own fate. What say you be my first opponent?
  10. Italian: That sounds great. You just made a huge mistake.
  11. FMF: We'll see 'bout that.
  12. Shannon: "I'm made to whoop ass and eat cookies...and I'm all out of cookies."
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  13. OOC: :pity1:
  14. OOC- cookies are gud
  15. OOC: asses r better
  16. OOC - True, m8, true....
  17. *Italian arrives listening to Breaking Benjamin*

    Italian: Wonder what I'll encounter today.
  18. Indy: Have you forgotten about me? I don´t think so huh? No, I don´t expect that. I am IndyWrestler, all of my matches are great, and I am no entertainer, but I´m an wrestler. Not only that, but I am the 8th wonder of the world because I am so athletic, so great in the ring, you won´t see somebody who comes even close to what I can in that ring. I am the all-time best and don´t forget, on MachinimaPalooza, I was undefeated. My undefeated streak will live on on this site and you will all see the greatness that is me, that is the Best in the World, that is IndyWrestler.
  19. OOC - lol bitch please
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  20. BestShowOff: You're kidding me right? The only reason you went undefeated is because you had to cheat against me, I guarantee if we had a rematch I would whoop your ass.
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