WWE 2k14 Backstage (Xbox 360)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by David5150, Oct 26, 2013.

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  1. This is where you post promos, make rivalries and Role-play basically for the league. Don't use OOC too much because that gets annoying and please be active in this section, because that's how you will get booked majority of the time! If you have a promo you can post it here, if you have a big promo (not just in size) you can make your own thread for it using the "WWE Games" prefix. Let the RPing begin!
  2. *Daniel Bryan arrives at the arena with Brie Bella, He garbs their suitcases and takes them to the locker room*
  3. This will likely start when we get 10-15 members!
  4. Thought I was Daniel Bryan?
  5. Yeah you are, I posted that before we talked about it also thought you were Foley?
  6. Fine i'll be mick foley
  7. Im not Bryan, Im HBK until I have a chance to play as everyone and decide who I will be permanently, Bryan is yours or anyone else's I just thought you were Foley.
  8. I'm bryan
  9. Okay mate

    HBK: Fuck you Bryan, Midget.
  10. *walks into my locker room as i sit down nd start stretching my legs*
  11. It's clobberin time!
  12. Antonio Cesaro arrives at the arena, in a purple sports jacket with the words "Very European" on the back of the jacket. He is holding an American flag in his right hand, yet he has the Swiss flag symbol on his jacket.
  13. *looks at cesaro as he walks by mme as my eyes are fully bright red*
  14. Update: I can post a card when one more person signs up
  15. I was wondering what was going on since theres no new card up yet
  16. SO who am I supposed to beat?
  17. Your meat.
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  18. *see Aksana thread*
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