WWE 2K14 Cover Superstar

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Crayo, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]
  3. inb4lockerroomoutrage
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  4. Fucking part timers on covers yo? That's some bullshit!

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  5. I hear you can only play as The Rock twice a year.

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  6. Now the game will be really popular because The Rock is in the cover but the game will be the same... I'd prefer to have other wrestler like Ryback in this fake cover:

  7. Does it really matter who's on the cover? The odds are it'll be average at best anyway.
  8. :true:

    I understand Rocky's popular because he's a global actor but don't know why they put one of the less active wrestlers in the cover, even Bo Dallas or Bray Wyatt would be a better option imo
  9. :eww: :eww1:
  10. Please someone mock up a Bo Dallas cover, that sounds glorious.
  11. [​IMG]

    I think it sucks, it's a fake image but imagine it ends being the real cover...
  12. '2k14'????

    I know the company is called 2K games, but please, it was 2k7 oldschool like, 6 years ago..
  13. Breaking news? The Rock is like the most popular guy on the roster, and won the WWE Championship recently. This isn't breaking news, it's bloody obvious.

    I have zero problems with Rock being featured on the cover, and I can't imagine anyone would. Hell, I can barely imagine that anyone would care who is the cover star for WWE 2L14 is.
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  14. Hilariously enough, there will be people bitching about him being on the cover. Haha

  15. Should be Mr ASS
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  16. Never kno the Madden curse may take over.
  17. :yes:
  18. WWE 13: CM Punk was on the cover, and nitpick all you want he had a good year

    WWE 12: Randy Orton was on the cover, then in 2012 he was the most irrelevant he's been in his career

    SVR 11: Miz, Show, and Cena were on the cover. In 2011 Show was injured, Miz was buried, and Cena was fine :haha:

    SVR 10: Cena, Taker, Orton, Rey, Edge: In 2010 Undertaker was injured and started his "once a year" thing, Edge returned from injury and had a nice year but it was the final year of his career, Rey had an ok start before starting a long line of injuries for him, Orton turned face which has really hurt his career, and Cena was fine :haha:

    :hmm: You may be on to something here!
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  19. OH LORD! Aless make it Brock L.! :pipebomb:
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