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Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Shadow, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Just a thread to discuss WWE2K14. Whether it's challenging another member to a match,talking about the story mode/universe mode,or, showcasing a creation. If a post contains a spoiler then please put it in a spoiler tag.
  2. 30 Years Of Mania is so damn awesome. This game is brilliant.
  3. No it isn't. I always screw up on Rock/Cena II. I went on easy and I swear it was more difficult.
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  4. Not a fan of 30 Years of WrestleMania,I started playing it around 5-ish yesterday and I'm already on WrestleMania 22. I hate how it's just a series of matches with a couple of objectives,it doesn't have any depth once so ever. Hopefully,next year 2K gives us a better storymode.
  5. I was hoping we would have a season/career mode along with 30 years of Wrestlemania. I loved the season modes in the smackdown games for ps2. I wish they'd bring them back and still give us 30 years of WM an Universe.
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  6. Same,there was a lot of talk about them having a version of "My player" in 2K14,I was upset when I figured out they didn't include that. I'm probably gonna go ahead and give Universe Mode a try after I beat 30 Years of WrestleMania in a few hours,I heard it's actually pretty good this year.
  7. Wow, a my player sort of deal would've been great. I loved it in NBA, so I feel it only could've been better here.

    And as for Universe, I'd say it's decent. You may not want to play everything because it could mess up a storyline and stop a cutscene from happening
  8. It would've been soo sweet if you started out in NXT,worked your way up through the ranks until you made it onto the main roster,and, from there worked your way up until you're a legend. Also,thanks for the info. It's gonna be a while before I start playing any matches though,because I like having everything planned out before I start playing matches.
  9. I've been playing universe mode some and I haven't seen any good cut scenes yet. Kind of disappointed. I do like how all the matches are set up and then I can choose to wrestle which ones I want to and simulate others, but I miss the story mode. Still fun as hell to play online against friends though.
  10. I like Mania mode but im only on WM19 so yeah. Online servers are great this year.
  11. Gonna be on around 4 if anyone wants to play.
  12. Hopped on right now. If anyone is down to play now, hit me up with an invite.
  13. DAMN IT. I won't be on until later
  14. Just got off after playing a month in Universe.
  15. I'll be on then as well probably.
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  16. MAN, I would play a lot more if it got me off! Wait, did I misunderstand you? :rock:
  17. I fucking hate my time zone cause I cant play with you guys more often.
  18. Yeah that sucks
  19. Solution: Move here
  20. Just defeated the streak for the first time with Punk, Pretty awesome mode.

    Anyone gonna be on tonight? im gonna buy some Red Bull, order a pizza and game all night then wake up with a few hours sleep for training the next morning.
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