WWE 2K14 Entrances and Finishers

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by CM Punk, Sep 25, 2013.

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    This thread will be updated on the regular, so keep checking it for updates.

    The Rock (open)
    The Ultimate Warrior (open)
    American Badass Undertaker (open)
    Edge (open)
    Big John Studd (open)
    John Cena (open)
    Big Show(Retro (open)
    Sin Cara (open)
    Zack Ryder (open)
    JBL (open)
    Mr. McMahon (open)
    R-Truth (open)
    Ted DiBiase (open)
    Mick Foley (open)
    King Kong Bundy (open)
    Christian (open)
    Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (open)
    Kane (open)
    Mark Henry (open)
    Big Show (open)
    Alberto Del Rio (open)
    Chris Jericho(Retro) (open)
  2. Most of the entrances are recycled excluding Edge w/Lita but the camera shots and arenas look quite nice. Just wondering,you're getting the game,right?
  3. Don't know yet. I can, but haven't decided.
  4. Put D bry's up! :angry:
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  5. They've shown it before. It's ok but it's completely outta date.
  6. YOU'RE OUT OF DATE! :angry: :yes:

  7. NO,IT'S 9/26/13..SEE I'M IN THE DATE! :jeritroll:
  8. :mad2:

    Don't sass me woman! :angry:
  9. I'll stop if you sass me! :ksi:
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  10. Holy fuck! Britta looks like a cat in her avatar. Kinda scary.
    And no, I'm not putting DB's up cause it isn't the official one.
  11. :harvey:
  12. I say what I see and I see what I say. Wait? :idk:
  13. ABA Taker's is pretty sick, I like the new Chokeslam and Last Ride. Other's.. eh.
  14. :dafuq:

    I don't speak Canadian. :tough:
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  15. Or English.
    Understandable from a Hillbilly. :adr:
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  16. I'll show you a hillbilly! :angry: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  17. A hillbilly with a temper I see..:pity2:
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  18. Last time I talk to you on Xbox. :mad2:
    Siding with a Canadian. THE SHAME!!! :angry:
  19. That's what's best for business, Britanica. :pity2:
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  20. Alright,so,we'll talk tomorrow,right? :smug:
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