WWE 2K14: I don't understand stupid ass universe mode

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Nov 21, 2013.

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  1. I don't understand the point of this stupid ass mode. I wish they had a playable mode fully engulfed in kayfabe. 30 years of wrestlemania was cool for the earlier years, but now that they are trying to have me wrestle as Cena every time I'm over it.

    Universe mode was the only next logical step I saw but wtf is the point? I have to book matches so it is like I am booking but nothing really seems to be happening. I just become the booker but then have to play the match like its a shoot fight. Either give people a real legit honest to god be the booker, GM mode or what have you or let us use a superstar and go through in complete kayfabe (like back in the day when I played Smackdown)

    anyhow, for being basically one of two game modes this universe shit is gay as fuck. Unless I am missing the point, what do you fucks do in this lame ass game mode?
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  2. Customise it so you have the correct ppl challenging for the correct titles so no Santino going for the WWE title etc.... Build a tag division and just piss about basically.
  3. ffs get FIFA 14 you absolute girl.
  4. I don't get the urge to play FIFA until the real football season ends
  5. but you have the urge to WWE2K14. seems legit
  6. does baby need a hug? cwanky cuz his best m8 won't play virtual footy with him b'awww
  8. I haven't seen shit in it yet except for people coming out at the top of the ramp and motioning for something. I have heard that the "rivalries" that build up are supposed to have some cool animated cut scenes, but if you try and play the match yourself and make the wrong guy win you won't see it. I agree it kind of sucks. Miss the old story modes.
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  9. They need a game mode where you control one individual wrestler and go through his career. include the backstage mode like in Smackdown where it has a bit of an open world element to it. Take over a rookie the night after Mania and give us the ability to play through X number of years in his career. Start on NXT, work your way up to win the NXT title, get the call up, get a slow push, maybe work your way through the tag division, win the IC belt at Mania the first year, eventually work your way up to get major title shots, ect.
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  10. With key storyline points and rivalries in the separate sections, yeah that would be fucking epic
  11. Exactly. Back in the day the (in this type of game mode) rivalries all felt unique and planned out, because, well, they were. No matter what I try in 'universe mode' everything just feels generic and pointless. I'm not sure what I should be working towards or anything like that so it just feels like I'm doing pointless shit for the sake of doing pointless shit.
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  12. It is like one half step ahead of just playing random exhibition match after exhibition match at the main screen.
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  13. Eh, I try to think of it as practice for online matches and just play the matches with superstars I like. But I totally agree they dropped the ball with universe mode in 2K14
  14. Agreed
  15. I haven't gone online yet. I feel like I would just get my ass whooped.

    Meh, this is why I didn't really want to me the purchase in the first place. I need game modes to hold me over because the actual wrestling of meaningless matches doesn't do much for me.
  16. Eh, its not bad. The thing that sucks the most IMO is when you have lag and then you have to try and time your "reversal" so the button press actually registers when it needs to make the counter. Pretty annoying. And then that just makes kicking out next to impossible if you've been beat on enough. More fun to just play online with friends than against random people.

    I actually need to turn up the difficulty in universe mode because I can whoop ass there on normal, but online it's a different story.
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    Honestly,Universe Mode is a mode I hardly ever play with,it just seems like you're putting a lot of time and work in for a bare minimal outcome.
    Like you said,they need a season mode that people actually want to play. The last time they had a good season mode was in SVR08 where you started out in Heat and you worked your way up to becoming a legend.
    If they redid that type of season mode but replaced Heat with NXT,made it a lot less repetitive,and, gave us more choices along the way then it would shape up to be a great game mode with some replay value.
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  18. I'm not a fan of anything in the actual gameplay. Submission shit is gay. kicking out is random as fuck. the entire gameplay being based on counters is a turn off. eh, bad purchase. it happens
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