WWE 2k14 Impressions

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Danielson, Oct 29, 2013.

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    Just played a couple of matches, and it's damn near 3:30 a.m. I played the first match in the wrestle-mania thing, unlocked an achievement and two rasslers. I noticed how the old skool matches were grainy, and it gave some real authenticity to the game. I then hit up the beat the streak feature( seemed cool) After that I went to the universe mode and noticed the new rivalry feature, which is awesome. It felt like it never worked properly in past games, so i'm excited to see if it actually creates cool story lines. I also liked how you can customize rivalries. DB has his new finisher, but one thing i'll criticize is that Daniel Bryan is screaming :no: ( I know, it's hard to keep everything up to date) I wish there was a way you could switch between yes and no chants.

    I REALLY love the history lesson this game gives you. It's going to help a lot of newer/ younger fans learn the history of the "e" It allows the older fans to relive their favorite mania moments.

    Some minor things i've noticed is that mid fight, your guys basically are always taunting, like a "get up" type thing. I had Cena down and DB was motioning him to get up,it was completely on it's own, and I LOVED that. Also, there was some voice over work done, because that sounds like the real guys grunting, chanting, etc.
    Overall, I think i'm going to enjoy this, hbu?

    EDIT: Holy shit balls, they have 3 different entrances for Daniel Bryan :mog:
  2. When I get it, we should all play online dude. You, myself, Jabri, ect.
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  3. IN Create An Entrance you can give Bryan his YES! entrance :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Damn you @Danielson getting me all excited for the game! I'll probably pick mine up tomorrow morning after I get paid. We better play online damn it.
  5. Looks shit IMO.
  6. Tbf WWE games' graphics are never good,the gameplay & content look decent though.
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  7. Yeah, the graphics have never been that great on WWE games. Its all about the gameplay. I never saw 2K13 though, so I bet I will be slightly more impressed by them when I get 2K14.

    Anyone know if you can still steal your opponent's finisher? I always loved doing that.
  8. Yup, i'm down. Let me know when you guys get it.
  9. What about meeeeeee?
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  10. Can I play with you guys Friday when I get it?
  11. Yeah, you're included. When do you think you'll have it?
  12. lol of course. Idc who we play with. I'm feeling like a 6 man tag elimination style ! :mog:
  13. Tonight I believe
  14. okay cool. I'm assuming you'll want to mess around with it by yourself for a bit, but when you're ready to team up or something let me know. We are friends on live.
  15. Definitely. I'll hit you up. I may finally get to use the mic on my fancy new xbox headphones
  16. oohhhh la la
  17. I have it on 360
  18. A piece of me died inside when I seen Bray isn't in wwe 2k
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