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  1. [​IMG]
    Source: Smacktalks​
    I personally think this looks spectacular, They got everything down to a tee and The Shield will have their own custom entrance in this arena from the looks of things, The ramp is big but that is due to they would have to recreate EVERY entrance for the smaller ramp. The trons look great too, I cannot wait for this game to launch.​

  2. Actually looks pretty sweet.
  3. Looks really good. Finally, I can have a third show on my Universe that won't go to waste, lol.
  4. The game may be the same, but the there's a lot of stuff being packed into this game and I like it
  5. According to game testers the gameplay is much much better this year
  6. Well the gameplay wasnt the problem, it was the lack of content
  7. I was saying not long ago, nothing of this game had me invested, but it's slowly winning me over...cool stuff.
  8. Fuck, that arena looks awesome. where did you get the screenshots from? Aside from that. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope that we have some sort of NXT DLC pack.
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