WWE 2K14 PS3 League 11/12/13 Results

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Fullofit, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. Accidently put this in the wrong section, can anyone move this to Gaming please?
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  2. Sign up brother dude
  3. This makes me the TV Champion right? Also, yeah we need more people, and when should we expect week 3's card?
  4. The Hoff will contemplate this idea. Give The Hoff some time to think. To ponder.
  5. Yes and in the next 10 minutes
  6. Meh, someone in the division needs to make a promo or summat for the site to get more people in. Just wanna have different challenges too or summat.
  7. Which means that title has dropped in prestige. At this rate, you holding that title Nero, it will soon be equivalent to the Diva's title :jericho:
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  8. You're an idiot considering how we don't even have a Divas title. Also, you don't even have the game, why are you here again?
  9. Please take this to the backstage thread so it can be active for once
  10. He don't even have the game.
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  12. We still need other people lol. I'm pretty sure other regulars here have the game on PS3.
  13. I'm here, well, because The Hoff wants to be here. Because, The Hoff can be here. Hoff goes where he pleases, fag. :happy:
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  14. You're fired. Besides, put this in backstage if anything.
  15. It's just started. Do you expect us to have 300?
  16. Nah, just wanna see more than 9 while 2-3 miss their matches or summat. Still fun and all, I'm also curious who my title defense will be against :3
  17. HAHAHAHA I'm fired? yeahokay. Get over yourself and quit obsessin' over The Hoff, brother.
  18. :nope:
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