WWE 2K14 PS3 League 11/19/13

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  1. The Clique (@Friemasterflex & @DK James) vs @David The GIANT & @IndyWrestler
    As Frie and David advance to the WWEF Championship at Survivor Series, they find themselves in a tag team match. Frie's partner being his "best friend" and Co-Clique member, DK James. David's partner getting a second shot after no showing his match with Frie, IndyWrestler. Who will get steam going into WWEF: Survivor Series?
    Match 2 Of 3: @PoPo vs @Larsosc
    2 of our biggest stars in the PS3 league had an amazing match last week. PoPo barely picked up the victory. Their second match is very hyped up and a match we can't wait to see again. Will Lars prove that PoPo didn't get the best of him and last week was a fluke? Or will PoPo beat Lars for the 2nd week in a row, proving that Lars himself is nothing but a fluke and whoever wins the WWEF Title at SS has something big in store for him at TLC. Who will win the #1 Contendership of the WWEF Title and face the champion at TLC?
    #1 Contendership of the TV Title: @Nero_x3 vs @Shannon_724
    Nero controversially defeated Shannon and Jwab last week by way of a no show. Many people claim that Nero didn't actually earn his title. This week, Nero goes one on one with one of the people that noshowed in Shannon. If Shannon wins, he gets a TV Title match at Survivor Series. If Nero wins he gets to choose his opponent for the TV Title. Will Nero win his first match in WWEF and show that he's here to stay? Or will Shannon even show up?

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  2. The Clique's gonna run a muck in this league. David and Indy, ya better watch your back.
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