WWE 2K14 PS3 League Week 2 Match Card

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Fullofit, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. I have announced I am no longer going to be wrestling in this league and will only be running it.
    Quaterfinals #1 Contendership WWEF Championship Match: @Italianman3100 vs @David The GIANT
    Quaterfinals #1 Contendership WWEF Championship Match: @Friemasterflex vs @IndyWrestler
    WWEF Television Championship Match: @JwabTV vs @Nero_x3 vs @Shannon_724
    1 of 2/3 Falls Match for #1 Contendership of WWEF Championship at TLC​

  2. Future WWEF champ right here!
  3. Just cause I retired
  4. :jericho:
  5. Good luck, Indy lags like a MF.
  6. Aaand what about Xbox?
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  7. I'll just let him run around
  8. No one cares about XBOX.
  9. Basically it's whoever pins the first person after some grapples wins.
  10. No body cares about you. Also,I was asking the person who's supposed to be in control of the Xbox league.
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  11. True.
  12. Nobody CARES.
  13. Meh wouldn't be an issue if it was anyone else, but I'll not stress over it.
  14. Aww,somebody's mad they're already on a losing streak.:pity:
  15. Your ignorance amazes me.
  16. You did lose last week,no? That's what I thought. No need to be so worked up.
  17. "Indy lags like a MF". The loss remains factual, but the course of reason is questionable.
  18. One more person and I can put up a card
  19. To be honest, you didn´t complain about any lag during the match. Only after the three-count, you said that you couldn´t use resiliency for some reason and I totally believe that but there was little to no lag during the match and you know that.
  20. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahah no.
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