WWE 2k14 Story mode idea (need help)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17' started by mrdaruis, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. I was reading a Justice League comic book about what would happen if the Kents never found Clark called JLA:Nail. Thinking about that, I thought about what would happen if Wrestlemania was never a success. What if Hulk Hogan didn't join the WWF until after that event, and what if he didn't have the wwf championship until he beat Andre at WM3?

    I wanted to have a campaign similar to 'The Attitude Era mode" with seperate chapters focusing on Hulk Hogan's entry into the wwf and eventual passing of the torch from Andre, Vince mcmahon being financed by Ted Turner to continue his business, Randy's rookie year, the tag team division all the way from The Hart foundation to Strike force and their competitors branching out into singles matches and finding success, and chapters that lead to WM8 where Hogan beats Flair and later drops the belt to Yokozuna at wm 9.

    i stress that i only want to change certain things about the Rock N wrestling connection. Such as

    1.) Hogan hogging up the spotlight
    2.) Million Dollar man and Roddy piper not being threatening enough
    3.) randy jobbing out to Hogan
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