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Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Butters!, Jul 30, 2014.

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    Here we can talk about what is happening with your WWE universe mode.

    Such as
    When Championship Changes Hands
    What Storyline you've made within in your universe.
    Who's retired
    Who's the longest reigning champion or champions.
    Who's been fired.
    Who's debuted.
    Who you are mainly focusing on.

    Have fun!

    (Please tell me if the font color is too bright to read on your cellphones, ipads, etc :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. Nice, this will get me back into the game :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  3. Sold my 2k14 for GTA V. :worried:
  4. My WWE universe only has one show.

    My Champions Are as followed.

    NXT Champion: CM Punk (Blergh)
    Internet Champion: Zack Ryder ( :woo: )
    NXT Tag Team Champions: Sin Cara And Rey Mysterio
    NXT Women's Champion: Stephanie Mchanon

    Current Feuds
    CM Punk Vs Sami Zyan.
    Zack Ryder Vs Damien Sandow
    Sin Cara And Rey Mysterio Vs Seth Rollins And Roman Reigns.

    In Updated news.

    Alexa Bliss pinned Stephanie which will result in me making a championship match in the main event of NXT.
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  5. Did you keep the PPV's the same or are you making new NXT ones?
  6. They're the same for now. I'm thinking of adding in some of the older pay per views though, like backlash, bragging rights, vengeance, etc.
  7. That does sound good. I wish they just gave you an option to have 3 shows participate on the PPV, that way I could use NXT on my universe mode.
  8. Me too! But i always cut out smackdown anyway. It's quite the bore. Hopefully in 2k15 there will be an option for that.
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  9. For some reason Ryback retired in my league, is it based off injury I have no idea.
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  10. Are you planning to bring him back in?
  11. no but im teaming daniel bryan with Mark henry as vanilla chocolate love and Rock with Jericho as The Rock n' Rol.
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  12. Haha, Awesome! What brands do you have in your universe or are they kept as default?
  13. Havent played in a few days but I think I changed RAW to TRW (True Ruthless Wrestling) and Smackdown to NWP (Niggas With Puppets).
  14. maybe he got hungry, you can't say he didn't warn you :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Alright got my mode all set up! going back to Ruthless Agression model with both smackdown and raw with exclusive titles. Gonna see how this works out, universe draft is on which will mean some big drafts at the end of the year!

    WWE Champion - John Cena
    US Champion - Dean Ambrose
    Tag Champs - Seth and Roman
    Divas - AJ

    WHC - Alberto Del Rio
    Intercontinental Champion - Wade Barret
    World Tag Team Championship (using the 85-98 belts) - Prime Time Players
    Womens Championship - Natalya

    Using NXT as the 'minor' show, wish they would let you have titles on minor shows >.< or build a roster big enough for 3 major shows!
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  16. TRW (aka RAW)-

    WWE Champ: Heath mutha fuckin Slater
    US Champ: Kane
    Tag Team Champs: Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry
    Diva's: Natalya

    NWP (aka Smackdown)
    WHC: Cody Rhodes
    IC: Damien Sandow
    Tag Team Champs (forget what year belt I chose): The Rock and Chris Jericho
    Women's: Aksana
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  17. Dolph Ziggler has become the WWE champion after a grueling match at Extreme Rules! (computer generated rivalry, was glad to get rid of Cena)
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  18. Have you gotten some downloaded caws, they have some awesome NXT caws and i think on 360 you can have around 60 caws. That should be enough to make NXT a major show :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. Aksana got a push!?
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