WWE 2K14 Xbox League Week 1 Card

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Fullofit, Nov 13, 2013.

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  1. Sorry about the delay but I needed a certain roster size before I could put up the card.
    We will be having a tournament to decide our first WWEF Champion. The finals will be at our first PPV: WWEF Survivor Series

    1st Round of the WWEF Championship: @Jeremy vs @Adam Aries
    1st Round of the WWEF Championship: @CM Punk vs @Dat Kid From Jersey
    1st Round of the WWEF Championship: @Trip in the Head vs @Danielson
    1st Round of the WWEF Championship: @Nickelodeon vs @Vintage®
  2. I cant wait to get my hands all over CM...Punk. :ksi:
  3. Quick question... Do I have to be the guy I signed up as?
  4. Aw here we go again
  5. When can you play trip nip
  6. I'm going to get molested by Herb. :upset:
  7. Also, DO NOT POST RESULTS PUBLICLY. PM them to Full, he'll post results next week along with the next week's card.
  8. I'd assume so. Also,when are you down to do our match? I can do it anytime from 4-9 on Thursday and I won't be at my place at all Friday.
  9. Yeah today probably won't be too good for me so I'd say Saturday
  10. Who shot Full and made you King Asshole Of WWEF?
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  11. @Jeremy wanna do this now?
  12. I didn't know I was in the league... I don't think I officially entered.
  13. Well fuck.
  14. OMG you guys lol
  15. You're overreacting as usual.
  16. Love how you said "as usual" when you don't even know me.
  17. Need I mention the good old GFX posts?
  18. Squabble in PMs guys. No one else cares or wants to see it.
  19. Says the guy who tells me you're running the league without my consent :emoji_wink:
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