WWE 2K14 Xbox League Week 2 Card

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Italianman3100!, Nov 30, 2013.

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  2. how can I get in on this?
  3. Just tell me your Xbox name.
  4. SavageRandyMoss

    do you guys have set characters you use or can we use whoever? or do we make CAWs?
  5. I guess you can use anyone you want cause we restarted. CAWs are ok to use.
  6. cool ill make a Bieber CAW
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  7. I never heard from Jeremy about our first weeks match
  8. He quit the league.
  9. Oh well wtf lol
  10. I'll be on after 3, so if you're on after that, i'm good.
  11. Anyone finish their matches?
  12. Never knew when a good time was
  13. Can you try to?
  14. I'm on now
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  15. How late?
  16. I think a long time. Not sure, cuz I've got stuff to do tonight and won't be on tomorrow. So idk, when will you be on?
  17. Hopefully a little later
  18. Alright, I'll probably be on so I'll see it come up
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