WWE 2k15 news on Thursday

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Samalan, Jun 10, 2014.

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  1. http://www.justpushstart.com/2014/06/e3-2014-official-wwe-2k15-news-coming-thursday/

    So what do you think will be previewed at E3?
  2. Probably a trailer, featuring Sting.
  3. Hopefully some kind of GM mode, or something from like back in the day. I forget what the mode was called, but it was cool. Universe mode is whack, ya dig?
  4. Sting has been confirmed I think.
  5. Game Informer released the news about a day or so ago:

    Confirmed as of now:
    - John Cena
    - Hulk Hogan
    - Bray Wyatt
    - Cesaro
    - Roman Reigns
    - AJ Lee

    On top of that they're rumors about the season mode:

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  6. Would've loved to see NXT mode instead of WM30 mode.
  7. I can't wait to see how season mode plays out.
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