WWE 2k15 Season Pass incoming!

Discussion in 'WWE 2K18' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 9, 2014.

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  1. Exclusive access to Paige? Not sure when/if I'll get the game, but I'll look into getting the pass :hmm:
  2. The season pass is three showcase packs which if I am right, will include a set of wrestlers. I'm guessing that we get one that includes Macho Man, Warrior, Andre, and such. So, if anyone knows what feud they could do there.
  3. I assume they'll add an NXT superstar pack of all the popular characters in the brand.. supposedly they will have DLC coming out over a timeline of 10 months which sounds pretty cool and can extend the longterm playing of the game.
  4. Hmm, 3 DLC Packs and Exclusive Access to Paige for $25 is now what they are confirming the price of it at.. I guess that's alright, I hope the DLC is really worth it though for the game's sake, personally I probably wont get the pass.
  5. What a joke.. They want you to pay an extra $25 for this when i'm already paying $70 for the game... Is that all it is Paige and a few extra characters? Definitely not worth $25. I'll do without... It's just a way for them to scam more money from you.
  6. I never got season pass except for WWE '12. Safe to say, I'm never intrigued by it. Nothing too dope.
  7. Good to know, definitely won't be getting it.. prior to knowing exactly what the DLC is.
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