WWE 2k15 Universe Discussion

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  1. As we have one for WWE 2k14, I thought we may as well have one for 2k15.

    My 2k15 Universe -


    World Heavyweight Champion - Daniel Bryan
    Hardcore Champion - Luke Harper


    Daniel Bryan vs Triple H
    CM Punk vs Tyson Kid
    Luke Harper vs Ryback
  2. I only played for two days but I had Damien Sandow as the WWE Champion and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as my tag team champs.. I'm probably not going to continue.
  3. I changed the World Heavyweight Championship to the Undisputed Championship.

    Money In The Bank PPV:

    Hardcore Champion - Ryback
    Undisputed Champion - Triple H
    Money In The Bank Winner - Sami Zayn
  4. I've not really played Universe mode yet, I have done some matches but not changed anything. Going to get through Showcase mode and at least get to Raw on MyCareer.
  5. I've had some good matches. Jericho and Daniel Bryan feuded for the U.S title and the feud got pretty heated. I booked it well, having Y2J lose on Raw to fringe main eventers like Dolph and Ryback. Anyway, Daniel and Jericho squared off in a No DQ match. It was a lot of chain link wrestling and limb targeting. Went outside, Jericho got a steel chair and whacked Bryan with it a few times. Then Daniel got the upper hand, hit the signature kicks and a Knee Plus. It went back to the ring were Daniel knocked him to the ground with a kick, went to the top rope, and out of nowhere Jericho hits the codebreaker! I thought it was over, but Daniel kicked out, but Jericho put him in the walls shortly after and got the win. Was so cool.
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