WWE 2K15 - Wishlist, Ideas, Improvments.

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  1. Wishlist.
    1. Eight Man Tag Team Matches.
    2. More Detailed Storylines For Rivalrys In Universe Mode.
    3. Bring Back 40 Logo Slots.
    4. 100 wrestler slots for both PS4, PS3, Xbox360, Xbox One.
    5. Winning Poses (Will get to that in a few minutes)
    6. More Creative Sections
    7. NXT Roster

    Eight Players In One Match
    Eight Man Tag Matches, Seeing as 2k has a wide range of video games that do have more then six players on a feild, it would only be in their best interest to satisfy the fans by expanding the player limit within the game. We've dealt with six players for over a decade now, and it's time for a change. that change being eight players in one game. It does sound risky but seeing as the original owners of WWE game franchise is now done for, we can take that leap of faith and give it ago, what's the worst that could happen? Realizing a WWE game while t's broken? They have nothing to lose here.

    More Storylines In Universe Mode
    Now this may be me, but when it comes to universe mode I like to watch my stories unfold before my eyes, wither it be a diva's federation, bringing TNA to WWE. Bringing back WCW, Or even making the indie stars debut in NXT. I am on a constant riot in my head wondering "Why don't these guys have emotions?"

    In the last Smackdown Vs Raw 2011, Universe mode was fantastic. everything was on point and the stories felt amazing. However now it feels like stories are an option, but they just don't appear. As a simulator type of fan for these games. I expect the little things to matter and that includes storylines for a universe mode that in 2K14, seems to be broken. Why neglect us story telling fans, 2K? Think about us.

    Logo Slot Change.
    Now if you were a fan of WWE13 and had the game, you would remember that we were able to have 40 slots. in 2k14, it got reduced to 20. As a logo maker, I find this extremely difficult to make anything come to life in my game. We have 100 charcter slots, but only 20 logo slots? What if i want to make a new star and have the logos that i've already made for a current star saved? I'd have to delete it and recreate it after I'm done creating the other talent that i wanted to make. It seems like we have a huge CAW roster, but no creativity to go along with that.
    I say we bump it up to 60 logo slots.

    CAW Slots.
    Now I remember talking to one of my universe mode buddies @RedDwarfTechy, and him finding it shocking that I had so many character slots for xbox360. He had far less than me on the PS3 and it seemed very unfair, I think he stated he had around 20. seems unfair right? especially seeing as he is also a universe mode player, As an Xbox user I can have four major shows and two minor shows, where he can have two major shows and four minor shows, it doesn't make sense. It should be equal.

    Winning Poses.
    Okay, Now I must admit when I first saw AJ Lee's winning pose, I was blown away and instantly went into moveset creator to see if I can change my superstar's winning pose... Nope. If anyone remembers Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, You would know that you could give your wrestler a winning pose and that was one of the best features for it, I say we add more winning poses to the game to then which we can add more character depth.

    Last Two Idea's will be added later.

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  2. Awesome post there, as long as its a non repetitive universe or career mode i'll be buying it on day 1.
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  3. I thought it would be good to add a custom music editor. For example I like to use custom music for my CAWS so I put a song in audacity and add arena effects and then rip it on to my xbox and then add it to the entrance. But I can never get the sound loud enough or it seems off. So I would love it if they added a function to automatically do it.
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