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  1. When WWE 2K15 comes out, what would you guys like to see added or improved? I'd want an obvious graphics upgrade as they have been the same for many years now. In terms of gameplay I'd love to see a career mode where you pick a current superstar or make your one and play through a career. Also crowds need to be upgraded, as they still look like cut-outs.

    What would you guys want?
  2. Hulk Hogan destroying Daniel Bryan as a career mode ending.
  3. Hulk Hogan Yappapi strap match.
  4. Some sort of career like in the Smackdown games back in the day. Universe mode seems pointless to me. I want something where I just control one superstar and my actions effect what is going on in the mode.

    Not that I'll buy 2k15, because it won't have this mode. 2k14 entertained me for about as long as the Mania moments lasted, which was like 2 days. terrible, terrible purchase.
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  5. They need to improve the fluidity of the superstars' move sets. Also, online needs to be re-vamped completely.
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  6. I want a storyline like in 07, stamina, and you have to win matches to increase your overall.
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  7. Well, 2K15 is the last game to have the crew from THQ's say. They had something already being ready for 2K15 before they had to give up so nothing is going to extremely change til 2K16 which I thought 2K15 was gonna be the big change for WWE Games. I don't see us getting a Universe mode. We are gonna get some sort of variation to the recent "Attitude Era" and "30 Years of Wrestlemania" mode. So, prepare for something like that.

    But, I would love to see more people in the game. I just love having a bigger selection. A bigger erection... selection :emoji_wink:. But, yeah, now that NXT is going pretty good, NXT would be an amazing addition but the fact is that their movesets aren't fully established in NXT and if they show up in a WWE Game and they get brought up with a different gimmick... it'd be uber dangerous.

    Most of all that I want in the new game is...... WIFEBEATER KANE.
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  8. I totally agree! I thought I was the only one :emoji_cry:. I remember the first two Smackdown games on PS1 maybe? Where you were given multiple verbal options of response in regards to situations that may affect your superstar's career, just turn your guy heel because why the fuck not! The current career mode's 'storylines' have by far regressed in the past 10 years. I understand that the modern games are focused around things like the 30 years of Wrestlemania mode but it is hard to enjoy career mode when there are approximately 4 storyline options, it became mundane very fast.
  9. General Manger mode was always fun for me. So I'd really enjoy if they brought that back with some in depth storylines to.
  10. I would like RTWM mode return. And also the backstage free roam back but hopefully looks like a Arena.
  11. Season mode
  12. Yeah, season mode would be great. I like GM Mode, too.
  13. We just need some funny OMG moments in this.

    1. Kevin Nash "I tore my quad" moment: To activate you have to select Kevin Nash and have him walk the entire ramp distance to the ring.

    2. "Puppies moment": To activate, you have to select a diva and perform "moves" on the announce table until King makes a corny joke.

    3. Commentators Selfie: To activate, you have to put on a terrible match and after a while, go towards the announce table and JBL will go on a commentary rant and then King will pull his phone out and take the selfie

    4. Scream moment: To activate, you have to select Brock Lesnar and spear someone through the barricade from the crowd area and then do a F5 at ringside

    5. "I Have Until Five!" moment: To activate, you have to select Daniel Bryan as in the match and Triple H as the ref. Have your opponent get a rope break but don't let go of the submission.
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  14. Figured I'd bump this because they have officially set a release date and announced that it will be on 360/PS3/X1 & PS4

    "2K Sports announced today on Twitter that WWE 2K15 will launch October 28 in North America across Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The professional wrestling game will be available internationally three days later on October 31 for the same platforms."

    I bet they'll potentially have something small at E3 describing what kind of features and modes will be involved, or atleast I hope so.. also I legit hope the next generation systems graphics for the game are substantially better.
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  15. Fuck that shit! They should be making these for PC, also.

    I'm able to play WWE '13 via PC through an Emulator, while I'm not able to play WWE 2K14 on PC and I don't really wanna waste my money on PS3/PS4 or Xbox.
  16. As games get more and more advanced it makes it more difficult to dump them into ROM/BiOS in order to make them playable on the emulator.

    Personally I only use emulators for PS2 and older systems, If they start doing emulators for all the newer games the industry could go further down the drain :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, not saying it will but it could take a hit.
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  17. too busy deciding on getting ps3 for mlb the show.
  18. Yes, that's quite true, that's a valuable point, right there. But I hate the fact that I'm not able to play WWE games properly.
  19. Haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    I'd go for a PS3; free internet play still looking to be active for some time hopefully (PS2 online games still work they are just privately hosted) Also I seem to see them going for cheaper than X-Box 360s these days. If you want a newer generation system I mean you couldn't go wrong with either seeing as they both charge for internet usage (PS4's slightly cheaper but more world wide population rather than region secluded so always a slightly higher chance of getting a bad connection to a server).
  20. It seems they're still pushing to have these released at the same intervals. The last we heard [the other day] was that it was going to be released around WrestleMania time next year. I was pretty pleased with that because I thought that it would give them more time to maximise the progression of the development. Now, I have reservations...

    I too would also like to hope that they make the most of the next-gen graphics. I know I'll be disappointed, but I reckon I'd jizz in my pants if the graphics turned out to be like the NBA game on the PS4.

    I'm hoping to get a PS4 around this time - in order to get Arkham Knight - so I'll probably just hold out for that version of the game.
    I bloody hope they have actually redone it all from the ground up, because it's so outdated; the graphics, gameplay, animations, story mode. We need something fresh - and good!
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