WWE 2k17 - Brock Lesnar, The Bella Twins and Chris Jericho!

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  1. WWE 2k17 Screenshots (open)
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    Major improvements! Daylight Wrestlemania 31 maggle!
  2. The second Nikki and Jericho screenshots are the best looking. All the others look so damn glossy.
  3. Wrestling games get boring within 2 weeks anyways... With how much video games improved over the year's, you would think they could do a better job. It's like i'm playing a game from 2006.. I'm talking more about the features in the game, not the graphics.

    If they can create a MyCareer mode like NBA 2K16... I'll buy it.
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    looks the same as 2K16 to be honest. I don't think they can do much more with the graphics anymore anyway. Keep the work on the broken game modes like my career
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  5. Yass.I've been asking for having matches in the daylight since WM31 and now we get it! Hopefully WM32 will also be able to put on daylight. Maybe dynamic weather too?(lighting gets darker during the match)

  6. The outside arenas are exciting in and of itself, but I'm absolutely pumped for this new lighting system. For the longest time the lighting in the WWE Games have seemed a bit...off, but from the looks of things now we're gonna be getting some accurate shadows and a flurry of other stuff, and I honestly can't wait.

    Outside of that, Jericho's facescan looks pretty fantastic, and I've actually been waiting for the longest time for bearded Jericho to show up in a game, so thats exciting.

    That MyCareer was godawful though, from the terrible storyline to the lack of immersion in anything, the half-implemented sponsorships we've been getting since at least 2K13. Not enough cut scenes after the first season. And the constant mentions of my hometown being Harlem dead best friend Vic or my finance or my black parents or my black twin sister, and the cutscenes basically being designed for someone 6'9 when I'm a white 6'3 shooting guard. it basically killed any motivation I had to keep playing.
    And while WWE 2K16's wasn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, and they could very easily of impemented more of those secret rivalries into the game, it was leaps and bounds ahead of WWE 2K15. It also had the added bonus of immersing me in the idea that I was this up and coming star, and I could go wherever I wanted, I could go and win Money in the Bank, I could go and challenge for the tag titles. Once you get to the main roster, there is pretty much nothing you can't do, and I really think that make WWE 2K16's MyCareer better than NBA's this year.
    MyCareer in 2K17 is hopefully going to build on that, and with the confirmed inclusion of voiceacting from Paul Heyman, I'm very interested to see where they take things from here.
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