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  1. Attitude Era World title

  2. Big Gold World title

  1. I'm making this thread so everyone can post some requests and what they would like to see next year and maybe some things we can improve on. Right now I'm thinking about trying the Tag Team division out next year and see how it goes. I was also thinking about some sort of Woman division to add a little extra for people to do (This would be 100% serious if it did happen.... so that means promos for your male wrestler and female wrestler) But I'm 100% sure about the Tag Team division. I may also change the World title design to something else if members want it enough......I'll add the best designs to this thread and let people vote on it. I personally would like to see the attitude era world title since it looks sweet but I'm 100% okay with the current title design. We will be keeping the IC title for our secondary since it's just better than the EU title and US title. We may continue using the Iron Man title unless you guys would rather the Internet championship or something along those lines. I can't really think of much else for the championships and I can't really comment of the rules yet so it's up to you guys to add some suggestions.

    Designs (open)

  2. For the World Title, I think that the "Big Gold Belt" design is the best. Also I want to keep the Iron Man Championship since given the kayfabe star power that's held it, it has transitioned into the second best title in the league (The World Title being number 1 since it's the World Title). As for the IC Championship, I'm not that into it. I honestly think that we should do a callback to the TWF 2k14 League and bring back the Internet Championship and scrap the IC Championship.

    I really hope a Tag Division would work but I really don't think that we have a big enough roster for it. So, unless a ton of people sign up and stay active next year, I don't see taking off.

    As for the Women's Division, I'm all for it. Personally I barely find time to do my match and promo with 1 character right now so I definitely won't be taking part in it but I hope that goes well and you should definitely try it.

    I would also like to see the weekly show name be changed back to Sony Storm since I prefer the name.

    I want to see a weekly Power 5 Ranking since that's a little something fun to see.

    And I think that we should have a Hall Of Fame (The last time we did the Hall Of Fame was like 2k14 or something, maybe 13 actually so it'd be nice for me to be recognised due to my hard work through the years (:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:, Y'all know that I'm the headline inductee)
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  3. 100% sure that the name will stay the same. I can work with the Hall Of Fame idea though
  4. I think the big gold belt is *easily* the best looki)g belt in 2k16 (the way it looks in entrances is fucking sweet). Added bonus is that it doesn't very obviously have WWE written on it (all the arenas etc do but we'll skip over that :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)

    I agree about the IC title but as much as I like the Iron Man title I think it needs changing - not just as a belt design but as a concept. I love that it's defended every week but it's waaayyyy too easy for the champion to retain. I think we should have a simple Television title instead, and we could do something really interesting for that design. Anyone with ideas?
  5. I think it can work if people can have a tag partner and go for the tag belts without their singles career being impeded. You should be able to be a double champion etc, that's the only way a tag division will work and the way it would be most fun. Also, we need to consider whether regular tag matches are practical with getting four people in front of their console at once.
  6. My own ideas and a response to welsh here:
    I think the iron man championship should keep going too but maybe as a different gimmick? I don't know what to suggest right now but its something to think about. Tag belts could maybe work if we just had random tag teams? Don't know. Also the name of the show is alright imo but I wouldn't mind having a new one. Also I really like the power ranks idea :emoji_slight_smile: That should totally be a thing.
  7. Also this - we need to have less 4+ player matches. They just don't work, I've been in lobbies for 45m+ trying to connect at one time. This kinda kills a tag division though :emoji_slight_frown: However we all haven't played 2k17 yet, maybe they fixed the lobbies?
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  8. 2k won't fix the lobbies trust me. (Or maybe they will)
  9. Before I vote (shoutout to @CiV for bringing this up to me) are Xbox still going to be using the big gold belt? do we want the same title as them? also, the winged eagle is kinda speaking to me too, I'm torn...
  10. They probably will use that. This new title will probably be the title we use for the next few league years.
  11. I'm thinking about the Winged Eagle or the Attitude Era designs. I only used the Undisputed title this year since the Xbox league got the other world title first and I thought we needed something to compete with them and the fact they did have more members than us......I did think the Undisputed Championship would be best to compete with their world title. But we are by far the more active league at this stage and I feel like we should now get our own permanent World championship.
  12. I may also change the arena back to Smackdown since we're the blue brand anyway. Will be adding in some new PPV events next year which will be fun for everyone. I'm fine with the power 5 rankings but someone would need to step up and do it. The power 25 just ended up with whoever played the most matches so I would be wanting a WWE style power ranking system which would change each week. Whoever would be running it would need to update it each week with details on why this person is ranked here and all that sort of shit. The Power Rankings would probably be a sticky thread for the year so you know.....PM me if you want to run it. I will also be doing the Hall Of Fame after the final show and I'm probably going to have 2 or 3 inductees with two of them being based on this year and the other being based on the past.
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  13. Please let the guy from the past be Christian Chaos.
  14. As the reigning, defending, and future IC Champion I am obviously a bit bias in saying we should keep the title the same. Not necessarily forever but right now I feel like it does work the best, the name, the design. everything really does fall into place with it, and with it just being changed not even a month ago, changing it again does seem a bit excessive. I also can't think of any in-game designs that would work better for a mid-tier championship. Maybe replace the current iteration with the black strap version? That way it has less in common with the Xbox.

    I've gone back and forth between the Big Gold and the attitude era design far too many times. The Big Gold does look the best in-game, but with the Xbox league using it already, the attitude era belt is the second best in the game, so thats the logical next choice.

    The Iron Man Title does need a revamp though. The weekly iron man matches make sense in concept, but I dont think I've seen a single champion lose the title (unless they move up to another one, of course), and thats because the matches just favour the champion too much. But if backstage brawls do happen online (fingers crossed), then I would be more than okay with the Iron Man Title sticking around if some of the rules are changed (for example: a draw should result in the match being restarted), because I really do feel like matches transitioning in and out of the crowd/backstage could really add another element to the matches that their just isn't right now.
  15. Do they have the other IC title in 2K16?
  16. Intercontinental Championship '94 is the one I was talking about, not 98-11. Either way, yes, they do have that title in 2k16.
  17. Anyway we're probably going to use the Attitude Era title design since it has the votes and the Xbox league will probably use the Big Gold title. The IC title will continue to be our secondary title since it has the prestige and I don't think the Internet title is anyway near the IC title. The Iron Man title is a hard one though.....We can always change it up for the TV title or the Hardcore title. Would you want them to be defended each week? We will be adding the Tag Team titles for the first few months to see how it goes. I didn't seem to get much feedback on the woman division so I'm not too sure about it......I want to add it though since it would give you all something more to do.
  18. I have always had a idea for a title that they have to take on challengers each week in a different stipulation like one week it will be a backstage brawl next week it's a ladder match. We would have to remove some of the matchtypes but I feel like it could be really good since you have to be good in every match type in order to survive. Which is why I would call it the Survival Championship because I have originality
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  19. If we are getting a replacement for the Iron Man title I kind of want the matches to be No DQ/No countout by default. It can't be fun for a champion to just do normal one on one matche every week

    Actually go with Reag's thing, it seems very interesting.
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