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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dat Kid, Oct 12, 2016.

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    So I've been playing WWE2k since the midnight release on PS4 and here's what I noticed.

    Right from the get go you will notice that the loading times have improved by a lot compared to last year's game, especially in CAW which was a bitch for those who remember. In fact CAW has gotten way better, it flows a lot better. There's more options for attire, i didnt spend too much time in there because i was trying to get to career mode quickly.

    Create an Entrance got revamped and it feels more similar to an editing program than it's previous version. I'm not entirely sure, but I think you can have more than one song for your entrance, which is weird. So if you like the heartbeat in Balor's entrance, but want another song you can do that. The loading time again is reduced for previewing and people will be happy to know there are a lot more generic actions to choose from so you dont have to copy from other superstars,

    They brought back create a video, but im unsure as to whether or not you can use footage from your matches, but some titantrons dont include that, so i guess it doesn't matter. The ribbon movie however does not have as many generic options as the video (which has a lot). There's some new songs, not enough imo, but there's new generic ones, most of them suck. Honestly if they brought back the ones from Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth in addition to the new ones, would not mind.

    Create a Victory is something that they've put in, that lets you choose how your susperstar celebrates a victory. No longer will your evil heels jump for joy when they win titles. so that's nice. You can also choose a different song than your entrance ala Mankind.

    The create a move set process is still long and pretty much the same deal. However, if you favorite moves it makes the process easier, especially when you have multiple CAW, but that was something already included. HOWEVER, they've now gone full force micro transactions in the same way they're doing NBA. You have to pay VC to unlock moves, instead of fighting with superstars to unlock them, which is nice not having to feud with the entire roster to have the move set you want, but still.

    Career mode is pretty much still the same, the completely nixed your character's voice over, which is the opposite direction they should have gone in. The better choice of course being having multiple people do voice overs and letting us choose the ones we wanted like in previous games. However, this allowed 2K to create a lot of non repetitive dialogue, except when it comes to Renee Young, she still says the same things as last year, she still looks like a soulless husk, and now her voice is missing. I mean some people have voice overs, Albert, HHH, the commentators of course, and im assuming Heyman will have some as well.

    Downside is, im playing on Legend, I've beaten The Revival (current tag champs), and just by default i should be given a tag title shot. However, I was moved up one rank instead. They try to make the champs unbeatable by giving them unlimited reversals when you're not the #1 Contender, but if you some how beat them, you should at least be given that spot, being as it's supposed to be nearly impossible. So as you work your way up you're relegated to beating Zack Ryder every week, which is already repetitive in the two days I've had the game.

    Upside is they added promos, which i love. You can go out and promo. The whole mini game is awesome cause you have to determine what kind of crowd you're in front of. If you're a heel you might get cheered, kinda thing. There's a thing where there's t-shirt sales. I think it's hilarious, but you HAVE to wear your t-shirt for it to sell.

    Havent played universe, but if Universe is good enough to replace absolutely no showcase mode, then i'll recommend the full price buy. If not would say get it at a reduced price, which im currently leaning to right now.

    What do you guys think about it so far?
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  2. you botched the title
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    I fuck with it.

    But im a little disappointed with the career mode again. Its cool and all with the promos and all that but like you said, its most of the same shit. Really repetitive, and i hate having to do meaningless Main Event matches.

    Universe is highly improved imo and ill pretty much just be spending all my time in there.

    All the crration stuff has been updated for the better. Shit is super smooth and nice now.

    Overall the game is DEFINITELY better than 2K16 but it's still nothing amazing. Id say it would be amazing if the career mode was a bit better
  4. I watched someone play it on Youtube and it looks a lot better than the last 3 did, I can say that.
  5. no 2k did, calling it 2k17 in the year 2016 :cena4:
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  6. All sports games do this. They market it as a "new season".
    Also car dealerships sell 2017 models right now.
    But they are both wrong :pity:

  7. thank you brita for agreeing, you're a true friend
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