WWE 2K17 Tournament (Current NXT Roster)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K17 League Archive: PlayStation 4' started by Closed, Oct 7, 2016.

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    Thought a little tournament to open 2K17 would be fun. This will also help you get your online matches considering the leagues won't be back until the first week of January. I'm going to host these weekly since I'm sure everyone will want to play competitive matches with league members here. The first tournament is basically NXT superstars only. Feel free to use CAWs of NXT superstars, but keep the overall at 90 to be fair to everyone else. I'm not going to force times on anyone, so just do the match when you're both free.

    Sign Up Template

    Superstar Name:


    I'll probably start this the day after the release. Match ups will be random. The aim of these tournaments is to keep people in a competitive environment with the players of league. Have fun :emoji_slight_smile:

    Currently Signed up
    @TheKingSonic (Bobby Roode)
    @Gino Bambino (Shinsuke Nakamura)
    @CiV (Scott Dawson)
    @Geek773 (Chad Gable)
    @Awesomenrh (Hideo Itami)
    @impactking (Dash Wilder)
    @Welsh-Wizard-97 (Samoa Joe)
    @The Anarchist (Austin Aries)

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    Superstar Name: Bobby Roode

    Timezone: GMT/London
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  3. Sign Up Template

    Superstar Name: Shinbone Nagasaki

    Timezone: East Side Standard Time Zone
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  4. Superstar Name: Scott Dawson

    Timezone: Eastern Standard
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  5. Superstar Name: Chad Gable

    Timezone: UK
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  6. Changed to Bobby Roode.
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  7. Put me and Geek first round.

    I will destroy him.
  8. keeping it random fam
  9. Awh ok.
  10. I agree.
    I disagree.
  11. Geek's skill could be up there with Robert Blake for 2K17.....Who knows?
  12. Bullshit. It's Geek, you are talking about right? The guy who just won his first title after (I think) 2 years? ehhhhhhhhhhh.
  13. You have made a grave, grave error.

    *readies shovel*
  14. *Robert's shovel*

    You can use it mate :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  15. Thank you. I know. I'm IC champion.
    A year and a half, get your facts straight. And I'm good now, I just USED to be awful.
  16. <3
  17. It's rounding numbers up. Get your maths straight. And you are still terrible
  18. BITCH, WHERE?!
  19. Superstar Name: Hideo Itami

    Timezone: EST
  20. 1.5 years rounds up to 2 years. I thought you were in high school...