News WWE 50 year anniversary DVD cover

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Oct 1, 2013.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Disappointed Macho Man isn't on there :sad:
  2. Hell they almost covered up Hulk with the WWE logo LOL. Could've been better I think.
  3. This looks like an interesting set to own. I also would have loved to see Macho Man on there but I guess we know what's up there.
  4. No Roddy Piper?

  5. No Ultimate Warrior either. Surprising considering they're both more important to WWF/E history than some of the people on there are. I mean, Flair? His main legacy is in NWA/WCW, not WWF.
  6. I wonder what is this DVD going to be about?
  7. I'm guessing a documentary about the entire history of the company going all the way back to the WWWF days. I expect people like Vince, Patterson, other backstage people and several of the wrestlers to be on there talking about each era and whatnot.
  8. More interested in Chyna's anniversary DVD.
  9. Hulk Hogan should be in the middle, brother. Gonna run you over with an oversized vehicle, Jack.
  10. Looks alright.
  11. I think the corners are for the faces of the company. Hogan, Cena, Austin and Bruno are in very corner. C'mon brother
  12. I know my logic, brother.
  13. WOOOOOO!!!!!
  14. It remembers me to an old PlayBoy film tbh.
  15. i would like a jobber dvd
    I know what life like for the faces of the company
    but id like to get an insight into what its like being a jobber
  16. That's called Total Divas. :lol:
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