WWE: A New Threat Emerges

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    RAW: September 21st, 2015

    Main event is a John Cena vs Seth Rollins rematch. Mid match, as it is a good contest, Josh emerges from the gorilla position

    Michael Cole: That's Josh, one of the winners of the most recent season of Tough Enough and he's on stage, which obviously has caught the attention of John Cena, and oh my god, he's walking to the ring

    JBL: Josh coming here to make a statement, and his targets are Seth Rollins and John Cena, they might want to run now.

    Booker T: He is TOUGH ENOUGH, but he's looking to make his statement at the wrong place and wrong time

    ZZ, Tanner, Patrick, and Mada then are seen at ringside, then Alexander, Hank, Gabi, Dianna, Daria, Chelsea, Amanda, and Sara Lee follow along and they jump the guardrail.

    Michael Cole: Hey look, it's.... ZZ, and... Tanner.... Patrick, Mada, now Alexander, Hank, Gabi, Daria, Chelsea, Dianna, Amanda, and.. Sara Lee, the other winner of Tough Enough, what are they all doing here? Only Josh and Sara Lee are under contract here.

    *Rollins instantly gets out of the ring and the competitors swarm him.*

    And they all start attacking Rollins. I'm getting out of here guys

    *the commentators escape*

    John Cena is alone in the ring and all 14 Tough Enough competitors are circling the ring, climb to the apron and enter the ring. All 13 competitors start to attack Cena, tear the ringside area part, the ring announcer, timekeeper and everyone else at ringside flee from the area as it it all destroyed. The Divas then try to come help but are all laid out by the female TE contestants, and then everyone hits their finishers on John Cena. The show closes with the ring in bad shape and the ringside area completely destroyed, and medical staff coming to tend to Cena, Rollins, Paige, Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, Naomi, and Tamina.

    Next RAW, the show begins with all WWE Superstars and Divas on stage and it is announced by Triple H and Stephanie that all 14 Tough Enough people have been signed to WWE contracts, but the thing is, it was not them who signed them to contracts. And that they choose not to reveal who signed them.

    *later on in the show*

    Rollins was chased away from the ring by the previously returned Kane, a match then begins, and midway through, they are shown out in the parking lot brawling, a few cars come surrounding them, which it turns out that in the cars are the 14 TE competitors and they begin to attack, even using the cars as weapons. Josh, Tanner and ZZ triple powerbomb Rollins onto a windshield, some lower card guys come to help, their heads get smashed through windows then the whole rest of the roster is seen rushing to the parking lot area, there's a big tag match going on and even all the competitors leave the ring and rush back through gorilla as the attack comes up on the big titantron, distracting everybody, and they all head towards the parking lot, a fight begins between the 14 and the whole roster, more car smashing, another triple bomb, and more heads through windows, but in the end, the 14 TE competitors end up high tailing it, being chased on foot by the remaining of the WWE roster until they escape, and they do escape as the show goes off the air

    This shall be continued as I come up with more idea for this storyline
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