WWE Acknowledges CM Punk's Departure.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Sep 14, 2014.

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  1. WWE's website has a new article up on John Cena's 10 biggest rivals. Below is the list and what they wrote about CM Punk's departure:

    10. Kurt Angle
    9. Triple H
    8. JBL
    7. The WWE Universe
    6. CM Punk
    5. The Rock
    4. Batista
    3. Brock Lesnar
    2. Edge
    1. Randy Orton

    "It takes a bold, bold man to call himself The Best in the World without any hint of showmanship to it. CM Punk was nothing if not bold. The self-appointed heir apparent to Cena as the face of professional wrestling, Punk’s agitation over being passed over festered into an earth-shattering “pipe bomb” that took Cena, the McMahons, and the institution of sports-entertainment itself to task. He then promptly won Cena’s WWE Title and gallivanted off into retirement, but you probably don’t need Wikipedia to know The Straight Edge Superstar couldn’t stay away for long. He eventually came back to further challenge Cena’s dominance and beat him more often than not. These two were having classic matches for years after that initial clash. Perhaps the greatest disappointment in Punk’s untimely departure is knowing they definitely had a few more in them."


    I found it interesting that they aren't burying him yet. Also, I had a humorous grin at #7.
  2. His rivalry with Batista was decent, until after their match at Summerslam when Cena was injured. After that...meh
  3. Let's see if it's the end of the soap opera.
  4. I dug the Cena/Edge rivalry a lot, not sure if it is legit #2 though to be honest.
  5. I thought Edge and Randy Orton were easily Cena's best rivals. And I'm talking strictly in terms of bad blood and quality matches/promos, not whatever the biggest box office success was (The Rock) or whoever the toughest rival that Cena ever had to face in the ring was (Rock or Brock Lesnar.)

    There's also a bit of history tied to the the beginning of the Edge and Cena rivalry that's worth mentioning, too. When Edge cashed in on Cena at New Year's Revolution 2006 and jump-started their feud for the very first time, it was Edge's first world title win, Cena's first world title loss, and the first-ever Money In The Bank cash-in in history, all at once. Also, when I mentioned Orton as one of Cena's best rivals, I'm talking about their feud back from 2007-2009, not their boring set of matches from last year and earlier this year.
  6. Oh god, I hated that shit to the core. Orton with the massive ego and pretty boy persona was what I enjoyed not the John Cena Sr. getting kicked in the head deal.
  7. Assaulting the relatives is always good cheap heat lol. Edge assaulted Cena's father, too. Probably one of the reasons I consider these two to be his most hated enemies, because once to have to assault the parents, you know things have escalated and gotten really personal. In fact, it'd be pretty funny shit if Brock Lesnar went to the house of John Cena Sr. and put the Kimura Lock on him on the living room floor.
  8. Cena v Laurinaitis not being on the list is a disgrace imho
  9. The Punk rivalry being at #6 is burial enough. In the last three years, no rival has brought more out of John Cena or forced him to become better than CM Punk. A lot of the IWC haters like to deride the guy, but he really pulled the best out of John Cena.

    The Cena-Rock rivalry leading into WM29 was made far better by how much improved Cena's promos were post-Punk feud.

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  10. Punk, JBL, and HHH
    Punk had the advantage of facing a 'matured' Cena. Otherwise, HHH and JBL brought unpredictability to the feuds the others on the list never would.
    In theory, JBL, Punk and HHH would all top the list given all three would challenge the writing staff to create the most compelling segments week in and week out.

    In fact, Cena's post-Punk feud, post-JBL feud and post-HHH feuds saw Cena experienced pretty good growth relative to where he had been previously.
    As Waco alluded, those men challenged Cena in ways the others did not.
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  11. Batista vs cena was great
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