News WWE and Uhaa come to an agreement

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Shadow, Jan 2, 2015.

  1. Source: 411Mania
  2. Uhaa Nation!! Pretty pumped for this signing, guy was impressive for a large part of 2014.
  3. Cool news!

    I like this guy, hopefully he'll get a better name once he's down at NXT.
  4. Well, as I said in the other thread, doesn't seem like a bad decision.
  5. Another signing for WWE. They must really be considering another show here at some point, or at least another branch off like Smackdown was. This roster is bloated as hell ATM.
  6. Another show? Maybe, but I doubt it. They've got SD which isn't utilized properly. At least Uhaa will shine in NXT before getting ruined on the main roster.
  7. Most of these NXT guys don't have long contracts so they try and keep refreshing the roster by adding people here and there, this looks like one of their better crops over near the beginning of last year.. I doubt they're going to bother with a new show.
  8. Uhaa is excellent, I missed out on a seminar with him because I was ill but from what I have seen, he is great in the ring!
  9. He's a total package and I'm happy for him, but I wish he stayed in DG/indies, I don't watch much of WWE so he will be missed.

    One of the best matches in 2014 world wide, and probably the best DG effort ever:

    Srsly, watch the match, guys.
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  10. Agreed, this was one of my favorite matches of 2014, I'd probably put it in my top 10 among all promotions.
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  11. He probably won't be inserted into the ME picture right away, but it's gonna be nice seeing him working his way up. They don't have to rush him to the main roster, so I'm looking forward to seeing him killing it down in NXT.

    I believe the next live NXT Takeover special will be held on April 23rd, so... It'd be sweet if he made his debut there, but we'll see...
  12. NXT is going to need him soon enough but they have a good bit of talent now that they're waiting to get called up so I don't think they are in a rush.. can't wait to see him though with NXT.
  13. With Neville, Zayn and Breeze leaving soon (prolly to be followed by Balor/Itami a bit later), I can see Uhaa debuting right after Neville/Zayn/Breeze are called up.
    I'm gonna enjoy seeing Uhaa Nation working his way up in NXT.
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