WWE announces new TV show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. So another Superstars or maybe a show for lower card guys to get some TV time in the US?

    Edit: Added source.

  2. I'm probably wrong here but this sounds like a Bottom Line/AfterBurn esque repeat show.
  3. If it's filled with jobbers, the TV title is incredibly off.
  4. Raw
    Main Event

    Hmm... :obama:
  5. They certainly aren't saying much about it yet. I'll be curious to at least learn more about it and see how it pans out over the next few months.
  6. I have a hard time seeing it as a recap show as you said R'Albin. If so it should Recap the entire week and should then have to air after Smackdown. I think this is them replacing NXT on Wednesday nights in the US in some way.
  7. Eh I'll take it. It'll be something else to watch now too. Sounds interesting too.
  8. I will forever remain optimistic
  9. Hope this doesn't ruin WWE. I thought Smackdown and RAW was enough but obviously they need the money!
  10. Not need the money, want the money.
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  11. They should just make a show like the YouTube one's on television.
  12. WWE is so far from not making a profit that it is not even funny. They just know that when making so much money they can easily appease investors by creating new shows, thus making more money.



    Some more info on the shows content.

  13. This is a really good move, I'm excited tbh.
  14. It'll certainly be interesting to see which way it goes, hopefully they might add something a bit different to the show as-well, which will make people want to watch it more-so.
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if they canceled Superstars for this. But if it says it'll continue storylines, well, not really sure about it. I'll just wait to see how it is, but it can't be that bad, I'll watch it.
  16. Well, they needed the Season Five NXT Guys somewhere. We'll see.

    If they really want to make this a way to push storylines forward... that means we'll have storylines! :yay:
  17. Superstars 2.0

    And what the hell is ION TV?
  19. Not sure if dumb or stupid..

    Quit it with the caps, dude..
  20. Cant decide no doubt they will recap anything important on RAW and SD so probs wont watch as dont have the time.
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