WWE Announces YouTube Pre-Show For The 1,000th RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Source: PW & WWE
  2. Do we have any idea what will happen on the Pre-Show?
  3. not at the moment. hasn't said anything what they'll do exactly.
  4. It's a good idea. It should hype us up even more for the show, and it could give us clues as to what will happen later on that evening.
  5. Exactly, It could also be a good time, to have a segment or two with some legends that are there.
  6. :dafuq: A preshow... for Raw.. Well okay. Thought the point of the PPV preshows were to get people to order the PPV.. But I know I will be watching it anyway regardless of my criticism :true:
  7. WWE might realize they've got too much going on to cram into 3 hours! - Oh dear..
  8. This better be a good, entertaining and well booked match..

    No squashes.. :kobe:
  9. WWE did say they'd be treating this RAW like a PPV. They're just filling in some spots because they have a lot of things planned for 3 hours only.
  10. Fair point.
  11. I have full confidence they'll pull it off! :otunga:
  12. Nice. I probably won't be watching it though.
  13. How come you're not watching Leo C?
  14. Cause he has a limited bandwidth allowance :terry:
  15. Hopefully something interesting for once happens in a pre-show.
  16. Exactly, and hopefully we don't have to listen to Matt Striker. God I hate that guy!
  17. :downer: Yeah, I don't want to kill the bandwidth.
  18. Anyone know if there have been any segments that are confirmed for the Raw 1000 preshow?
  19. I don't think anything has been confirmed.
  20. Pre-Show seems kinda dumb, I bet you $20 though that it will just be the history of Monday Night Raw.
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