WWE Anonymous Cam: The thing that is coming

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. No troll or anything that was speculated..

    Even saying that WWE is not bringing NXT Superstars untill after WM may be false.

    It's Leo Kruger...

    Here is ''WWE Anonymous Cam'' his newest video:

    Still, I don't really get the Diva's undressing thing that has been going on..

    Will they give Kruger a sick gimmick or something?
  2. If this is legit, maybe they're going to start teasing his debut for a while, ala Razor Ramon back in the day.
  3. Um dude, these are the videos I was talking about the other day. I learned it was fake. see thread http://wweforums.net/thread-19022.html
  4. Completely fake.
  5. 1-28-13 is what it says

    I know, but it's WWE.. May be kayfabe wise.. Plus, the ''AJ getting it video'' is nowhere to be found on that channel.. There are just 3 videos.
  6. This.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. its on DailyMotion and also on my thread
  9. Dailymotion :pity:

    Enough said.. It only can be legit when on YT imo.
  10. I suppose it's gotta be real. That whole end of the world thing was true as well now, wasn't it? :pity1:
  11. Anonymous cam has been going around for a while now. You think the WWE would steal a gimmick made by a creepy fan who is "exposing" nude divas? That would only give the "exposer" more publicity and make WWE look bad.

    I know they are fake, but many don't.
  12. I'm still wondering why wwe news sites hasn't acknowledged it, espeacilly since its a "debut promo" video, other than that, I do believe now that it is fake
  13. Too bad it's fake. WWE could use a rapist gimmick.
  14. Because it's fake and wasn't aired on RAW, lol.
  15. fake or not, i'm still fapping.

    where can I apply?
  16. My black van will be there for you.

    Wear something slutty.
  17. Yeah but it has a WWE brand logo on his Youtube that says something like verified.

    - Everyone can get a verified logo on their Youtube

    But why hasn't WWE taken ANY action against it?
    They have enough power to connect with the Youtube ''bosses'' to delete the Anon's account or remove the verified logo..

  18. Wouldn't the first one be on WWE's website, if they'd actually promote this?

    The second one's obviously fake.
  19. Why would they? If something mysterious is coming, which ''kayfabe wise'' WWE doesn't know a thing about, why would they promote it?
  20. I didn't watch the videos and sort of caught this thing in the middle, you guys are actually thinking that current WWE is promoting stuff that has to do with capturing videos of women changing? Doesn't seem likely.
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